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YO WhatsApp

Hi friends! How do you do! Wanna new topics to fuel your knowledge? Why not! I have one for you. Here is again a new social chatting app you may interest. WhatsApp, we all know, is the world’s no 1 chatting and texting application which is used by more than 1 billion people on a daily basis. But another new MOD app YoWhatsApp (YOWA) is becoming very popular among netizens nowadays.

This MOD app is developed by Yousef Al-Basha, who gave the app official name as YoWA. As compared to official WhatsApp, this app has many more additional features. With more useful features than the previous WhatsApp, this app makes your work easier and interesting.

What we do by using WhatApp is texting messages, sending documents, images, and videos, sending contacts. After studying the increasing needs of users, some developers have come with advanced applications with brilliant features. Since ample time, WhatsApp has not provided its users any awesome features, which could make the app more useful than previously.

WhatsApp developers have been only fixing some bugs. Studying this situation, Al-Basha designed new Yo WhatsApp which has attracted users’ attention with its advanced features.  With the change in the interface, this app has come up with a new interface which is Blue UI.

Best Things Of Yo WhatsApp

Yo WhatsApp
Yo WhatsApp

Special Features And How To Use Yo WhatsApp

You must be eager to know about the new features of WhatsApp MOD. This MOD offers you many advanced features such as Multiple Privacy options which are not only limited to Online Status, Multiple Video Calling, and many more which are explained below :

At YO WhatsApp you are able to hide your status.  This means any person who is texting you will not be able to find whether you are online or not.

For the app decoration, you have multiple themes options.

When you send any image with official WhatsApp, it decreases the image quality; but YO WhatsApp sends images without losing its quality.

Users now can send more than 10 images at once, which is not possible in official WhatsApp.

Moreover, the size limit for sending videos is also unbelievable in YoWhatsApp. Using this app you can send video up to 700 MB size.

If you have read any message, it will not be known by the person who sees it in his chatbox. Because in YOWhatsApp hide the blue double tick, which indicates that you have read his message. This feature secures your chatting privacy.

  • If you are getting spam calls, you can block them when using YOWhatsApp.
  • For blocking spam messages this app has gives one more option i.e. Do Not Disturb (DND).
  • With the locking feature of this app, you can lock it for security and privacy purpose.
  • Another feature for the security of this app is applying your fingerprint.
  • Sending files with some specific extensions is not possible in official WhatsApp. But YOWhatsApp does not have any such limit. It can send a file with any extension.
  • In YOWhatsApp you do not need to save a phone number before sending a message to that person.
  • Anti-Delete is a very special feature in which the receiver cannot delete the message which you sent to him.
  • You can also hide your text typing prompt and recording prompt which is visible to the opposite party while chatting.
  • Hiding apps media from the phone’s gallery is possible in YOWhatsApp and not in official WhatsApp.
  • Users can also hide his profile picture. Using this feature, an unknown person won’t be able to identify you.
  • If you are using this app in a crowded place and are not willing to display others whom you are chatting with; you can hide the person’s identity.
  • The brilliant thing here is that you can translate any message with an in-app translation feature.
  • This app allows you to send large files, auto-reply, download status, etc.

How To Download (Options)

According to various android phone devices, there are various packages available for Yo WhatsApp. You will first need to select the package which one suits your device and then download the APK file from the next URL After you finished downloading the APK, follow the steps given below :

Step 1: Before launching the all-new YOWA, you will need to uninstall the official WhatsApp from your phone. After uninstalling WhatsApp, go to setting and enable the option of unknown sources.

Step 2: Now launch YoWhatsApp on your device and open the app after the full installation.

Step 3: The app will ask you to agree with the terms and conditions before launching. Simply click on “Agree and Continue”.  To begin the registration process and number verification, enter your phone number.

Afterward, the app will ask your permission to access your contacts, SMS, location, Wi-fi, Gallery, Camera, Bluetooth, Background, etc. Give consent to the app and get started.

Taking Backup Of Old Chat History

After installing the app, you will have a very first query as to how can I backup all my chatting history from previous WhatsApp? But don’t worry; there is a simple solution for it. You will not lose anything from your chatting history. All of them can be backed up in the previous consecutive order. Only the app interface will be changed and the inner side will remain the same.

I will give you the default procedure for backup and restoring old chat history. For Yo WhatsApp, it is easy to recognize and backup your old chat history as it is built in the same code of official WhatsApp. Go with the simple steps below.

Step 1: Open your official WhatsApp and go to Settings > Chats > Backup Chats.  WhatsApp will create the latest backup of all your chatting.

Step 2: After you confirm finishing your backup, uninstall official WhatsApp, and download Yo WhatsApp.

Step 3: Now open file manager in your device and search for the WhatsApp folder. Rename the folder’s name as YoWhatsApp. Enter inside the renamed folder and repeat the same procedure for all the sub-folders inside.

Step 4: After renaming all the folders and subfolders, you need to launch the new app i.e. YoWhatsApp. As soon as the app is all set, it will very first show you the Restore Chat option. Click on it and all the chat history will be automatically restored within the renamed folders with the correct order.

Alternative For Backup

If you find this procedure very difficult or any other hurdles come in the backup process, there is one alternative which easier than the above process. Use ‘dr.fone’ social restore application and follow the below steps :

Step 1: Connect your phone with your computer. Download dr.fone on your computer and launch it when it is installed completely.

Step 2: On the left side of the panel, click on the Backup WhatsApp messages option. The backup process will get started.

Step 3: Stay connected with the PC until the backup process completes.

Once your back is completed, the PC will notify you. Now you can disconnect your device from PC. You can find the backup in your PC, where the backup files are restored. When you are confirmed about the backup, uninstall the official WhatsApp completely. Now download the YoWhatsApp app. After this, you will again need to connect the device to your PC. Start dr. fone app on your PC and follow the steps below.

Step 1: From the main interface, click on Restore Social App and then click on WhatsApp. Then click on Restore WhatsApp messages to the Android device.

Step 2: The dr.fone will create back files on the PC.

Step 3: After clicking on the Restore button, a pop-up window will ask you to enter your Google Play account password. Enter the correct password and continue. As soon as the system access your play store account it immediately starts restoring all chosen files to your device.

Now YoWhatsApp on your device will read this back up and fit it in its restore folders; which is very easy for YoWhatsApp.


In this app, privacy protection strength is lesser as compared to the official WhatsApp. This is because the developer keeps a full hawk eye over the user’s device. The developer can any time spy your personal information and can send it elsewhere.

According to BGR, the MOD of WhatsApp communicates with third-party servers. These MODs can install adware and malware in your device, which is potentially harmful to your device.

As said above that the MOD apps are not official; so they cannot be updated using Google Play. Users will need to use third-party sites for downloading the updated versions and install them manually. Also, these updates may contain harmful ads and malware. Even if new versions are officially made available, they will not be available on Google Play.

The official page of WhatsApp claims that this is not their official versions and so they can prevent users from using the service. That means if you are using the MOD versions, you might be banned at any time. After being banned, you will have to uninstall the app immediately; otherwise, your original WhatsApp account can be terminated.

Official WhatsApp is totally free and they may not show advertisements in the future. But unofficial MOD apps have no guarantee of whether they will be add-free. For generating traffic and revenue developers may include ads in the unofficial apps.

Conclusion :

After reading this article, you may think that why we are using old and monotonous WhatsApp, which has no advanced features. Observing the features of this YoWhatsApp, it seems irresistible. Scoring new heights in the world of chatting and messaging, MOD applications are now available for users. We have read all the pros and cons of YoWhatsApp.

In order not to lose their original account, users only need to be cautious about getting any statuary warning from the developer to stop using this application. Until then the use of this app can be said secure.

Disclaimer: The publication of this article is totally for informational purposes. We do not justify any of the information stated above.


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