Windows Server Backup Solution

If your business is heart then Server is the brain. One of the most used servers for business and personal purpose is the Windows Server. Windows Servers had come a long way and past some years the company is bringing the new technologies, building secure solutions, expanding the research, etc. Building a backup solution for a business is very necessary nowadays. Safety and security should be the priority because you may end up losing important data due to some reason. It may be a malware attack, system malfunction, input-output error, or anything more severe that may lead to data loss. So you have to be well-equipped to counter these attacks and failures. Lets check more about VM backup.

You may face a setback from the data loss, the daily business activities will be affected, client information, details, etc might get lost. Thus, implementing a Windows Server Backup solution becomes very important. How do these solutions work? What are some of the best server backup solutions in the industry? Which solution is a fit for my business? Is researching important while selecting solution software?

Windows Server Backup Solution
Windows Server Backup Solution

Windows Server Backup Solution

You might be getting these questions popping in your head right now. We will try to simplify things for you by answering some of the important questions. These answers will help you in deciding which solution is the best fit for you, how do they work, and many more queries.

Starting with the first question: Is researching important while selecting solution software?

Yes, it is very important to research about the backup solutions running in the industry now. You can check some blogs, YouTube videos, software websites, and Google all your queries to get the answers.

Think about it, if you are not researching about the topic how will you know what is good for you and what is not? Researching will open new doors and will fill you with knowledge. You will learn about the features, system specifications, storage management, technologies used, and many more interesting things. And most importantly, you will gain insight on the price details of various backup solution products.

Research is necessary to gain insights and avoid bad solutions for your business. Some of the solutions will perform only basic task like – data compression, encryption, and transfer the data. You have to select the best and to do that research is the only answer.

Coming to the second question: How does windows server backup solutions work?

A windows server backup solution is nothing but software. This software is like a tool which ensures that your server backup is created and managed properly. Also, this software comes with a certain number of features which are necessary while performing a backup. These features shape our mind to make a decision. Also, you can differentiate between applications by comparing their features although some functions are common to all of them. Let us dive into the features which will tell us how a windows server backup works:

  • Data compression: Most of the applications compress your data. Original data requires a lot of space and compressing the data into smaller bundles makes it easier, faster, and efficient. You don’t have to worry about the data loss because it never happens in compression.
  • Backup Schedules: Any backup solution will have a scheduling tool. Scheduling helps the users to schedule their backups. You can schedule the backup every week, every month, or every day. In this way, you do not have to worry about backups.
  • Security: During and after the backup process, the data should be safe and secure. One of the best ways to ensure safety is to use encryption. Your data is converted into the ciphertext and a key is generated. You can unlock the data using this key only. Now, if you don’t know the key, for 256-bit encryption it will take a lifetime to unlock it.
  • Virtualization: It is a common practice these days to convert your physical machine into virtual. This will not only create a backup of the system but you can access it from anywhere. In any unfortunate event, this virtual copy of your system will ease your daily work and data will be present.
  • Deduplication: Deduplication means excluding duplicate files and adding unique data for the backup process. Actually, this process happens before compression. The combination of deduplication and compression saves the storage space.

The working of the software is dependent on its features. While you are looking at a software solution, you have to check its features.

Some of the trending software solutions for Windows Server are:

1. NAKIVO Inc.: One of the best Windows Server Backup Software in the industry is NAKIVO Backup and Replication. The software implements an incremental backup feature. So, after a single full backup, only the changed or updated values are backed up until the next full backup. This method saves time, resources, and disk space. Several other cool features are – application-aware backup, global data deduplication, the AES-256 encryption, etc. This is like a complete application with all the features required during the backup and restoration.

2. CloudBerry Backup: CloudBerry backup as the name suggests employs cloud technology for backups. The CloudBerry backup application supports local backups and the third-party cloud storage’s like – Amazon S3 or Glacier, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, etc. You can choose your own cloud storage and they will integrate the application accordingly.

3. NovaBackup Server: This is the name of the product, the company is Novastor. Some of the features of NovaBackup Server worth noticing are – P2V support, Multi-threaded Server protection, central monitoring, etc. The in-house solutions are one of the best in the industry. You can target any cloud storage service but an in-house storage service saves time.

The final question is what is the best fit for my business? You have to analyze various different applications available in the market. You have to study and list down the differences on many accounts. One of the important points to be included during the study should be about the price details. After extensive research and consultation, select the best company for your business.

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