Whatsapp web qr code – How to use WhatsApp on a browser

Whatsapp web QR code – How to use WhatsApp on a browser

WhatsApp the worlds Most Popular Messaging Application is now available to you directly from your Internet browser.

Yes, it is true that you CAN NOW USE your favorite Messaging Platform on the Web using Your browser.

This is an official WhatsApp service for YOUR Users. The service is only available for the Chrome browser and WhatsApp promises that in other browsers soon.

Whatsapp web qr code - How to use WhatsApp on a browser

How to use WhatsApp on a browser – Whatsapp web QR Code

All Android Phone, Windows, Nokia and Blackberry Users CAN Get the benefit of this service.

IOS child devices not yet supported DUE Limitations of the Apple platform. To enjoy this service it is necessary to have the latest version of WhatsApp on your phone and run the Google Chrome browser on your PC.

How to use WhatsApp is your web browser. So let’s start to see HOW you can use WhatsApp in your web browser.

  • Open your Chrome browser and head to the following URL https://web.whatsapp.com and see something like the following image.

How to use WhatsApp on a browser

  • You can see the QR code in your Browser. It is not necessary A QR reader You only need a phone in which you have installed WhatsApp. So Open your WhatsApp on your Phone and tap More options (Which can be Obtained from the Three points from the Top Right Corner) and Choose WhatsApp web.

WhatsApp Web Option – Whatsapp web QR Code

* The QR Code Reader will open on your Mobile. Now point your Mobile to the QR Code on your computer and it will be automatically registered in after reading the QR code.

* Once the Mobile and the computer are connected. They are able to manage their connection to the computers from Do Mobile through the OPTIONS menu on the WhatsApp website.

From here It is possible to leave all the computers OR CAN How to use the menu OPTIONS in WhatsApp on the web to close the session From the PC Using What is in ESE Moment.

* WhatsApp by default keep it connected, but after having started a session in October. That we can deduce that going through the QR Code process. Again the next time you want to log in WhatsApp on the machine that.

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