Do You Know What is WinRAR?


WinRAR is a utility that is used for compressing, encrypting, packaging, and backing up important files on the computer. Eugene Roshal of win.rar GmbH developed the file archiver utility for Windows.

Archives in RAR or ZIP file formats can be created and viewed in WinRAR. It can also be used to unpack numerous archive file formats. WinRAR supports creating encrypted, multi-part, and self-extracting archives.

What is WinRAR

What is Winrar
What is Winrar

About WinRAR

WinRAR is an essential tool in the field of data archiving and compression tools.

A reference, to be discovered in the trial version, which supports the vast majority of compression formats.

The new version of WinRAR (5.80) is available for download in beta version in 32 bits as well as in 64 bits in over 50 languages. WinRAR is the only compression software that is fully accepted in all countries using Unicode.

WinRAR is also available for Android and some other operating systems. It is the world’s most popular compression tool with over 500 million users worldwide.

What to do with WinRAR?

 Since its creation in 1995, WinRAR has been an essential software in the field of data archiving. It can be used to compress and decompress files and folders to simplify their storage and sharing.

It is particularly useful for sharing documents by e-mail or for creating a single archive containing the entire contents of a directory.

How to use WinRAR?

Like most of its competitors, WinRAR integrates directly into Windows Explorer and thus allows you to compress or decompress files via the context menu accessible with a simple right-click of the mouse.

The software also provides advanced features such as password protection of archives, testing of archived files to detect possible repairs, or a benchmarking module to assess the performance of the PC in terms of file compression.

WinRAR compatible formats

The software developed by RARLAB primarily manages its own.RAR format. It also supports the most common archive formats, namely ZIP and ZIPX extensions specific to Winzip, the 7Z of the excellent free software 7-Zip as well as the CAB, TAR, ARJ, LZH, Gzip, BZ2 formats, TAR.GZ, ACE UUE, JAR, and ISO.

The RAR5 format is also managed by the software and makes it possible to improve the compression and decompression of large files. It also improves performance on machines equipped with multi-core processors.

Limits of WinRAR Free Trial

The demo version is well known for its limitation of 40 days but it can still be functional after this time.

Its version available for Android, which is called ‘RAR for Android’ is free to use. It contains advertisements. But they can be disabled after a payment.

Other options in WinRAR

For the same function of archiving files by compressing, few other options available online, WinZip, 7Zip being similar to WinRAR. Some can work faster and may have different features. Both can at least open and extract from RAR files and few other container files.

Windows has an in-built feature to process Zip files. But RAR files can’t be handled. So, a program like WinRAR is necessary to manage these types of files which is considered as the best program in accessing and managing compressed files. WinRAR can also create and decompress a WinZip archived file.

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