What is the Online Sales Funnel? Full details Information

What is the Online Sales Funnel

The online sales funnel is a great way of understanding and improving the sales of your company. As the name suggests, it is a funnel – not literally but diagrammatically.

A funnel in a sense that the topmost would tell you about a large number of potential customers while as we move down to the bottom of the funnel-like structure we get a picture of a dedicated number of customers.

The shape is said to look like a funnel because initially, you would have a lot of potential customers.

Here, you would not be sure whether they would stick to your product or not but they are potential.

Now as we move down the scheme, filtering the customers based on various criteria, we would be left with a small number of committed customers. All these make it relevant to the shape – the funnel!

Online Sales Funnel

What is the Online Sales Funnel

Now if you want to build your own sales funnel, these are the steps that you could follow through:

  1. First Impressions:

The first impression of the site or product is imperative for its success. When you are trying to sell your product online the first thing that you keep in your mind is the impression.

If you foil your impression at the first glance it is less likely that people would want to buy your product.

The same principle goes to creating your website page. The very first step of the sales funnel is to create an eye-catching website.

If a website is good it is able to attract users. This would also be a good generator for website hits.

When a number of users are coming in because of the elegance of the webpage it is highly likely that they would sign-up to the events that are posted on the website.

This increases the user interaction with your webpage and your products as a whole.

So, it is always important to have a good first impression of the website.

  1. Be Direct with your Offer:

The next thing that you would want to do when you are designing your own sales funnel is to present your product to the potential customer. The term that can be used here is pre-selling. You should be able to pre-sell your product.

One of the ways that you could do this is by being direct with your approach.

Say when someone logs into your website you should present them with your product and ask them to get involved with it. Now, this concept might seem a bit agitating but it works.

  1. Upgrade Provision:

When the customer subscribes to a service, she/he would at least expect an upgrade whenever you have one.

The customer should have the full right of upgrading or upsizing the service after buying the product. This adds to the customer satisfaction point as well. Another name for this strategy is called upselling.

This is also a clever scheme. As you would allow the existing user to upgrade you would keep profiting from them.

  1. Keep downsizing option open:

The reason why this should be available is that not all customers have the same financial background. Some might actually be able to afford the new upsell schemes but others may not and thus consider dropping it.

A solution to this would be downsizing. This means that the individuals that are not able to afford the services should be given another cheaper option to choose from.

  1. Grinding:

The most important part of the sales funnel is to keep it running. The thing is once you have let your momentum die, it becomes very hard to get back to the rhythm you had been carrying on.

Also, the more you keep going, the more you’d get loyal customers converted from the potential customers. Grinding is really necessary when it comes to marketing.

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