What is iTunes Match?

What is iTunes Match?

Music lover always tries to listen to their favorite songs through a trusted and secure platform. Though there are several music platforms are available, but Apple users have great options like Apple Music, iTunes, and iTunes Match. These three have somewhere different from each other, And here you are going to know about iTunes Match with its features and specifications.

If you are an Apple service user and a little bit confuse between the above three music platforms then no need to worry, Through this article information, you will get introduce to iTunes Match in a better way. Here the overall focus of the article will be on the introduction of iTunes Match, how it works, subscription plan, attractive features, and specifications of this service.

Some time as an Apple service user you want to compare between available music services. So once you will get full information about iTunes Match, you will be able to decide which music service can be better for you for a long time of use. Because this article information will clear all the benefits of iTunes Match in front of you.

What is iTunes Match?

What is iTunes Match?
What is iTunes Match?

What does iTunes Match Do

Basically, apple gives the best music service for their users by the name Apple Music and iTunes Match. Both of these services are subscription-based, you can enjoy uninterrupted music over this platform after getting a membership.

The first time these services seem to be the same but there is a basic difference between them, so the overall focus of the article will be on iTunes Match.

Here, the first important thing is that you need to get a subscription for iTunes Match for that user should pay $25/year. It means after pay that amount users are getting whole access for the benefits of this service.

Actually, through the iTunes Match service users can upload their entire music collection to the Apple cloud. To do that thing users get full access to upload their favorite music to the iCloud Music library which has not only downloaded from the Apple music platform, but also from imported music collection which is available on the device.

Also through subscription-based service benefits, users can share that music total number of 10 devices.

It means if you have a subscription to iTunes Match then along with one main device you will be able to share music on 9 other devices.

Here not only you can manage a vast collection of music, but also can enjoy that later on whenever you want.

To get a subscription to iTunes Match, as a user you have to sign up first. The important thing here is that you cant sign up for iTunes Match via iPhone or iPad, to do that task you must have a Mac OS PC.

How to use iTunes Match

The below-given steps will guide you about getting a subscription to iTunes Match, one by one you need to follow them, to complete this task in a hassle freeway.

  1. As we told you earlier that if you wish to get a subscription to iTunes Match you must have a Mac OS PC, so at first, you have to open the Apple Music application on PC. Next, you need to open iTunes for Windows.
  2. In the Apple Music application, you will get to see the ‘Store’ option at the bottom sidebar. In to that main store option, you have to choose the ‘iTune Store’ option.
  3.  Next, you have to scroll down where you will get the ‘iTunes Match’ option, Now you need to click on the ‘Subscribe’ button.
  4.  You must have to be created already a valid Apple user ID and Password because here you need to log in/sign in as a user to complete the subscription process.
  5. Now once you have done the sign-in process, you need to choose the payment method/mode by which you will be able to purchase/buy an iTunes Match subscription. So do this task properly and when it will happen you will get access to the iTunes Match service.

By following all the above simple steps you will be able to get a subscription to iTunes Match. Now, next, you will get to read about the benefits of iTunes Match.

Benefits of iTunes Match

  • Through iTunes Match membership you will get full access to use the whole music collection on all your devices by using the same Apple user ID and Password.
  • iTunes Match allows using your music collections on a total number of 10 devices.
  • You can easily share your favorite music track with the help of iCloud on various devices.
  •  With the help of iTunes Match simply you can upload all your music collection on the iCloud library.
  • Per year subscription charges are very low for iTunes Match i.e $25/year.
  • With the help of an iTunes Match subscription you can enjoy all existing music files by encoded at a high bit rate, this is the very special feature of this service.


iTunes Match is one kind of music accessing service by which you can upload all your existing music collections on the iCloud library. Herewith the use of this service you also upload that music is not purchased by iTunes. With the help of Apple ID and Password, you can enjoy music from the iCloud library on high bit-rate quality of up to 10 devices.

So these all are some important aspects related to information about iTunes Match, Hope you like and very well understood this information. Try to share this information with others, Thanks for being with us…

Frequently Asked Question About iTunes Match -FAQ

  • What is the annual subscription charge for iTunes Match?
    Ans: $25/Year.
  • Can we sign up for iTunes Match through iPhone or iPad?
    Ans: No.
  • Through how many devices we can use the iTunes Match service?
    Ans: 10.
  • With the help of the iTunes Match service where we can upload music files?
    Ans:  On iCloud Library.
  • Can I access the Apple Music catalog as a subscribed user of iTunes Match?
    Ans: Yes.

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