What is WeTransfer and how to use it to share files

In today’s article, we will have a brief discussion on what actually WeTransfer is and how we can use it to share files that we want to share with friends and clients. Using WeTransfer in our day to day life will be pretty much of big help when it comes to sharing files as it is the most common activity that one performs each day.

We are going to tell you what WeTransfer is. It is an increasingly popular application, and even musicians such as Moby have decided to opt it for the distribution of their albums.

In our initial phase of the article, we will explain very briefly what exactly this application is and how it differs from other alternatives such as Dropbox when it comes to allowing you to send files. Then we will guide you step by step through the process that will enable you to configure the sending of files through the service.


What is WeTransfer?

WeTransfer is a cloud-based application specially designed for file transfers. Over time it has managed to get quite renowned for being an easy, fast and effective way to send particularly large files to one or several people through email.

Its main advantage over other similar services such as Dropbox or Box.net is that WeTransfer does not force you to create an account to use it. Neither the person who is going to receive the file has to create an account, so you can perform the whole operation without having to bother or bother anyone with taking previous steps before receiving the files.

However, despite not being mandatory, this application also allows you to create personal accounts. In fact, in addition to its free version, it also has a payment plan with which you can benefit from advanced options. The first one is to be able to send up to 20 GB in files instead of the 2 GB that you can send with the free account.

WeTransfer can be used in different ways. Users can either use it for free or they can purchase the full version which has many transfer plans available including Pro plan and others.

WeTransfer Pro offers you personal cloud with a space of 100 GB. This plan provides you with an ability to protect files by password or customize your emails or the appearance of the page from which recipients can download the files. This payment service is priced at 120 euros per year or 12 euros per month.

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How to send files with WeTransfer?

In this section, we will have a quick look at how we can use WeTransfer application to send files to friends, clients, and others.

The first thing you have to do is enter the service website, wetransfer.com. The first time you do this, you will be asked if you want to use the Free service (free) or if you prefer to go to the WeTransfer Plus payment plan. On this screen, click on the “Take me to Free” button to start sending files without registering or paying.

After this, you will be directed to a screen where you will be asked to read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. Read them with the links that are provided to you, and when you finish with the part, click on the Accept button to advance and move to the file-sharing screen.

Then you will go directly to the screen where you will be able to configure the shipment. First, click on the + icon where it says Add your files. The browser of your operating system will open, and you can browse through it to select which files you want to send. Remember that in we transfer free version you will have a cap of 2 GB per shipment.

Now press the button with the three points at the bottom left, and a menu will open where you can decide whether to send the content by mail or through a link. If you choose the link option, you can share it by WhatsApp or any other application, and if you choose the e-mail option, you will be asked for the mail of whoever you want to receive it. There are two options to configure the expiration of the file, but they appear disabled because they are for paid accounts.

If you choose the option to create a link you just have to fill in a personalized message for the receiver of the files, and if you choose the option “mail” you will have to enter your mail and the person who will receive it. Once all are filled, and the file to share is selected, just press the Transfer button to proceed to make the shipment.

And that’s it. Now you will see that the transfer status is already displayed on the screen, and you only have to wait until the percentage reaches 100%. Then the file will be transferred, and they will ask you if you want to send another one. If not, you can close the web.

So in today’s article, we have successfully discussed the WeTransfer application, and we have also discussed in details that how we can use the app to share files with clients and friends.

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