Webcam software for laptop – camera software

Webcam software for laptop – camera software for pc

As we all know that nowadays, cameras have become one of the most important elements of personal computer and laptops. The cameras and webcams have already been considered as an indispensable device to face the needs of today’s world.

To realize this, it is enough to observe that practically all the computer and communication devices that are manufactured today have one of them.

Smartphones, tablets, notebooks, netbooks and other devices incorporate a camera to allow us to video conference, shoot and take photos.

With regard to webcams, these simple devices have ceased to be an element that only serves to communicate with other people face to face through video conferencing, but thanks to the constant evolution of the technology behind them, such as the incorporation of sensors CMOS HD.

Today’s web cameras can not only offer incredible resolution but one can use them in a wide range of tasks which is absolutely unimaginable when they actually landed the market.

Camera software for pc and laptop
Camera software for pc and laptop

Webcam software for laptop – camera software for pc

Programs for webcams 

Most likely, when we bought our webcam, it came packaged with a CD or DVD containing a program to use it.

However, this type of software is not always up to what we as users need, or what the camera can offer, and that is why it is really essential to find other webcam programs that adjust to what we ask In the remainder of this article. With this article, you will get to know the features and advantages of the 5 best programs for webcams on the market.

YouCam for Windows 8: The best in the environment 8

YouCam is a software which has been designed specifically for Windows 8, and that is why it takes full advantage of the Metro interface.

Through this application, we can take pictures and record videos, but best of all is that we can improve and decorate them with a large number of effects, which we can contemplate directly from the camera viewfinder.

But without a doubt, the best feature is the visual way in which YouCam presents the contents in front of the users. If you have already switched to Windows 8, YouCam is the most appropriate alternative.

If you wish, you can get more information about YouCam by clicking on this link.

FLV Encoder: From your webcam to the world

FLV Encoder is perhaps one of the most useful and interesting web camera tools available in the market. What is FLV Encoder offering us? The possibility of sending the videos that we capture with our webcam via the Internet, which turns our PC into a real video server in FLV format.

But what makes FLV Encoder so interesting is that it is extremely simple to configure, the whole process is automatic, all we have to do is adjust the sampling frequency of the videos so as not to have problems with the bandwidth of our line.

If you wish, you can download and get more information about FLV Encoder by clicking on this link.

Photo Booth for Windows 7: Facebook instantly

Photo Booth for Windows 7 is an excellent program with which we can take pictures with the webcam and add more than 16 special effects, in addition to the very interesting possibility of uploading them to Facebook or Flickr with a single movement of the mouse.

The program is user-friendly as we just have to click on the camera icon and the photo will be ready.

The photographs that we have already taken will appear in the lower part of the program, which will allow us to select them and store them on the PC or send them to Facebook and Flickr in a very simple way.

Unfortunately, the video recording is not supported, but the possibility of uploading images to the social networks mentioned makes it a very interesting alternative.

If you wish, you can get more information about Photo Booth for Windows 7 by clicking on this link.

Webcam software for laptop – camera software for pc

Vitamin D: Monitor the house with a webcam

Vitamin D is a more than valid alternative to the very expensive surveillance systems of today.

Although obviously, it can not offer the same functionalities as a professional video surveillance system, the truth is that with the help of this software we can build a simple and economical surveillance system that will allow us to control certain parts of our house.

Basically, Vitamin D is a surveillance system that allows us to detect any change that occurs in the environment with enough precision.

Vitamin D is divided into two panels: In the first one we can see the signal and edit the surveillance configuration.

The parameters that we can adjust in this section are the search of movements in a specific area and the minimum size that it must have for the system to alert.

In the second panel, we can find a list of the events that the system has registered, which we can see as many times as we wish and practically at any speed of reproduction.

Also, Vitamin D has the possibility to export these events in mp4 format video, which ensures that we can see them in any media player.

If you wish, you can download Vitamin D by clicking on this link.

Logitech Vid HD: The best for video conferencing

Most likely, when we think about making a video conference, our first thoughts are for the best-known applications of this type which are Skype and Tango, and while they are the best in this type of service, they tend to offer such an important amount of features that make us feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, in these cases, and especially for those users who only want to see the face of their interlocutor, we have Logitech Vid HD, which does not offer the heavy features of the programs mentioned above, making them a tool for lightweight videoconferencing, comfortable and simple to use.

The best thing is that the user who owns a high-resolution webcam, with Logitech Vid HD can take advantage of all the advantages it can offer since it supports perfectly up to 720p.

However, those users who do not have a high definition webcam can also enjoy the features of Logitech Vid HD, since it is able to adapt the image quality as required at the time, ie adapting the type of video conference from 320 x 240 or 640 x 480 resolution with an excellent response.

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