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Webcam Recording Software

The webcam is an increasingly popular accessory that has made video calls possible through personal computer and laptops, thanks to video calls and video blogs.

In fact, there is no tablet or notebook that does not come from the factory with an integrated webcam. But what many do not know is how to get the juice out of this component. So let’s review a small list with the best free applications to record video with a webcam under Windows.

Some of these programs allow converting the video between several formats or record from other sources, such as the screen or a video camera connected by USB.

Webcam Recording Software

Webcam Recording Software
Webcam Recording Software video

Recording a video and uploading it to the Web is very easy these days, courtesy to the cameras integrated into mobile devices. However, you can do something similar using a webcam, as long as it is accompanied by an appropriate application.

Manufacturers usually offer their own software solutions, but there are several alternatives out there that depending on your needs can simplify the process, or deliver functions a little more advanced.

The webcams have gained a special place among laptops and All-in-One systems, although it is logical to assume that they were relegated to the multiple megapixels of the cameras that mobile devices have, and the dynamics of social networks.

The video on the Web does not stop to increase its resolution, a detail that perhaps leaves out many webcams, but that does not change the fact that you can use them in a situation other than a simple video conference.

Maybe you want to stream a tutorial, record the result of an experiment, or start your own personal blog. Whatever the reason, today we will introduce you five free options to record with your webcam.

Top Webcam Recording Software video

Webcam Recording Software 1 – CamStudio

More focused on the recording of content on the desktop, the possibility of adding the feed of a webcam to these videos opens a wide range of possibilities.

Many users on the Web have created solid tutorials with CamStudio, and their auxiliary effects such as watermarks and weather enable access to greater personalization. (Decline the offers of your installer).

Webcam Recording Software 2 – Debut Video Capture

A very practical application that allows you to record video from different sources, such as external devices, the screen itself, videos seen through streaming and, obviously, record video captured with the webcam.

It is pretty much comfortable and easy to use, it can record in different formats (AVI, WMV, FLV, MPG, MP4, and MOV) and you can add text fragments on top of the image, among other functions.

Webcam Recording Software – 3 SMRecorder

It has a very basic interface, but it is very useful to record the audio and the image with the webcam and save the recording in AVI format. This also allows you to add annotations.

Webcam Recording Software 4 – Easy Webcam Recording

This is a more advanced recording program since it offers two recording modes: manual and when detecting movement.

On the other hand, it allows you to customize delays between recordings and even upload the recording to an FTP server to access from a distance or save surveillance videos in the cloud.

Webcam Recording Software 5 – ScreenFaceCam

It is ideal to record something on the screen, such as a step-by-step video tutorial since it uses the Picture In Picture showing the screen and in a small box the image of what the webcam shows.

The app supports audio, generates videos with good image quality and allows you to select to record a portion of the screen or all complete.

Webcam Recording Software 6 – Free Screen Recorder

It is an application of Spanish origin, and as the name implies, is free and serves to record the screen.

It also allows you to record video with the webcam, with or without audio. As in the previous case, it allows combining the webcam with the screen using Skype or other video call applications. In this sense, it is interesting to record Skype conversations, in addition to other functions, such as converting the recording between formats.

Webcam Recording Software 7 – TinCam

This app from a certain point of view is similar to Easy WebCam Recording, although it offers much more elaborate advanced options, especially if we focus on its auto-capture system, which can be programmed in different ways, and allows the content to be sent to mail addresses or upload it to FTP servers. Users who develop Web pages may want to see it more closely.

Webcam Recording Software 8 – TeboCam

Finally, this program uses the webcam as a video surveillance camera which records everything that happens in front of it.

It does not record video, but it takes images or frames every X seconds. It supports several simultaneous cameras and can be operated remotely.

I hope this all webcam recording software video will like you… more 2 will be added soon… thanks

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