How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone Mobile

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone Or Mobile

Today, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers to send messages and make calls. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is available for almost any operating system. Several WhatsApp Mods like YoWhatsApp allows us to use Dual WhatsApp on our Android device.

But there are reasons why you might need to use 2 WhatsApp on a phone.

So, ideally, you should learn how to use two WhatsApp accounts on the same phone.

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone Or Mobile
Two WhatsApp In One Phone

How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone Or Mobile

Solving the problem: How to install two WhatsApp on a phone

There are several common methods to run two WhatsApp on a device.

First, let’s try to consider the easiest solution. In any of the options, it is understood that the smartphone already has a classic version of WhatsApp.

4 Method How To Use Two WhatsApp In One Phone Mobile

Method 1: Parallel Space

The first thing you should do is download the second WhatsApp. Search the application called Parallel Space on Google Play and install it.

After installation, you will have access to the control panel. Uncheck all icons except WhatsApp. Then choose “Add application.” Parallel Space allows you to create a copy of any software.

Click on the newly created icon and while you keep it pressed, drag it to the “Create direct access” area. In the same way, you can delete the created copy.

It only remains to start the application and specify the phone number.

If your smartphone is not compatible with two SIM cards, you can confirm the account in a different way. Simply insert the SIM card into another phone and wait to receive the SMS code. You can also request a call, where you will be given the necessary code.

Method 2: OGWhatsApp

In conclusion, consider one more way to run 2 WhatsApp on a phone. However, it is much more complicated than the previous ones. That’s why I explain it to you in the end.

To use this method, you need permission to install third-party applications. How to do this is described in the second method.

The first thing you should do is make a backup. To do this, you must go to the configuration of the official version of WhatsApp, and then select the “Chats” – “Backup copies of the chats”.

Use the file manager to find the folder called WhatsApp. Then, change the name to this folder, you can select any name you can think of.

After that, you must clear the WhatsApp cache. To do this, select “Settings” – “Applications”.

Remove the official version.

Again, specify a new name for the folder, but only OGWhatsApp.

Download and install OGWhatsApp. Log in as the number that was previously used for the official version.

In the end, reinstall the official version of WhatsApp as it will serve as the second number.

How To Install 2 Whatsapp On Same Android Phone.

Method 3: Use two WhatsApp accounts with Disa.

Consider another application that allows you to use WhatsApp for two numbers. It is very similar to the one that was already considered in the first method. Disa and Parallel Space create a clone of the application so you can use it as a second option.

Install Disa from the Play Store. (

After starting, confirm the user agreement.

Once the installation is complete, click on Add service and select WhatsApp. Then, you must add the second WhatsApp.

Once the download is complete, restart the application, after this, you must configure the second WhatsApp. To do this, select the element, as was done in the first option.

Now you should see an authorization form in front of you. Enter the name and phone number. The final stage is the confirmation of your identity with the help of an SMS code or a call.

Disa and Parallel Space are not the only applications that allow two WhatsApp to run on a phone, duplicating the application.

There is also NoxApp +. It can be found in the Play Store and its installation and use are similar.

Method 4: Appendix GBWA

It is likely that you may be interested in knowing how to spy another person’s WhatsApp, also on this website.

Let’s consider another method to use two WhatsApp on a phone.

First, check if you can install programs from unreliable or unverified sources. If you want to check it, then go to “Settings” and select “Security”.

If there is no check mark in the line “Unknown sources”, then it is necessary to put it.

Next, you must download the second WhatsApp – GWBA (password: 123) and run the installation.

If necessary, then download the update. Otherwise, you can not use two WhatsApp on the same phone.

Install the update from the folder with the downloaded file.

After these steps, you can start to operate. Repeat the last step of the first method.

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