Top Google Product For Business

Google is an American multinational technology company with Internet-related services and products. It is one of the biggest companies in the world which enables a lot of businesses and entrepreneurs in business development and providing a platform on google.

Businesses can use various Google products and services. Listed below are a few Google Products:

These are Google Products

  • Google My Business
  • Search
  • Gmail
  • AdWords
  • AdSense
  • Analytics
  • Maps
  • Translate
  • Chrome
  • YouTube
  • Photos
  • Docs
  • Sheets
  • Slides
  • Drive
  • Chromebook

Google Products for Business

Google My Business is an easy tool for businesses to manage their online presence across Google using Search and Maps. To use Google My Business, users are required to log in using their Google+ account.

This tool allows a business to display their business information on Google Search and Maps.

It was launched in 2014 and it is hugely beneficial for businesses because a consumer looking for a business, as an electrician, will use Google Search for electricians in their geographical location.

When a business is listed with Google My Business, the basic information of a business such as a piece of contact information, geographical location, and address.

These business listings can also be reviewed by consumers which improves the liability of the business. The benefits of this Google product are being able to manage your information, interact with customers, understand and expand your presence.

Google My Business also has an android mobile application that allows you to use this tool on your smartphone.

Search is also a Google product that is used by a varied range of businesses to enhance their presence online. This tool helps businesses in how your listing on Google looks to Google Search and the Users looking for your business.

This tool makes it a lot easier for plausible consumers to look up your business. This provides your listings in a visually attractive manner to get people to visit your listing.

For example, if you search JEE Main on Google you will find a listing of JEE Main on the left-hand corner. This was launched in 1997 making Google Search 20 years old.

Gmail is a Google Product used by varied users like personal, business, etc. It is the most effective way of communication.

It is an email tool that provides effective communication, saves time, keeps your messages, indefinitely, and also supports advertising. It can be used on a browser and smartphone application. Gmail was launched in April 2004 and it has evolved over the years.

Today, Gmail provides 15GB of online storage and can send files up to 25MB in an email. Google’s mail also filters the incoming mail in the inbox as; Primary, Social and Promotions.

The primary tab consists of person-to-person conversations and messages, Social tab consists of messages and emails from social networks, media-sharing sites, online dating services, and other social websites. Promotions tab consists of deals offers and another marketing email.

For example; a student seeking medical education will get a marketing email about NEET 2018. Gmail also filters spam, sent, and drafts, etc. Gmail app makes accessing your email easier anywhere, anytime with internet access.

Maps is a web mapping service by Google. It is one of the most used global positioning system tools.

It uses satellite images street maps 360° panoramic views of streets (Street View) real-time traffic conditions (Google Traffic) and route planning for traveling by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation.

Google Maps provide a satellite view which a bird’s eye view. Like most Google tools, Maps use JavaScript. It was launched in 2005 and has ever since been a very popular navigation tool. Another very useful tool by Google is Translate.

A translate is a translation tool by Google launched in April of 2006. It is a multilingual translation tool that translates text from one language to the desired language.

Translate also detects the language of the unknown text. Initially, it used the United Nations and European Parliament’s transcripts to build their language database.

Google Chrome is a free web browser launched. This browser is supported on Windows, macOS/iOS and Linux on computers and mobiles. Initially, when it was launched in 2008, it was supported on Windows.

It is highly customizable with plugins, themes, and extensions. For privacy, Google Chrome can also be used in Incognito mode.

For example: When booking a flight, going in incognito mode gives you a search that is not influenced by previous searches which helps in finding cheaper flights.

AdWords is an online advertising service by Google where advertisers pay to display ads, product listings and video content for web users. Adwords work in correlation with cookies and keywords.

Websites who are displaying these ads receive a fraction of the income. AdWords can be local, national and international distribution. AdWords has evolved to be the main revenue contributing up to 42.3 bn dollars in 2012.

This tool offers services like Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) advertising. AdSense is a tool that allows publishers in the Google Network to host text image videos and interactive media advertisements. This also works on PPC and CPA advertising.

This service was launched in 2007. Also, it is a cross-platform advertising tool that operates on HTTP cookies over 14 million websites.

Analytics is also a Google product that is a free premium web analytics service that tracks and reports traffic on websites. This Google product was launched in 2005. This is the most used web analytics tool.

It is offered in two-level; Google Analytics 360 which is a paid premium web analytics tool and Google Analytics for Mobile Apps which focuses on the web analytics of iOS and Android apps.

Analytics integrated with AdWords can analyze the traffic of the landing page of the Google Ad. This helps in improving sales lead generation viewing a specific page or downloading a particular file.

In September 2011 Google Analytics launched Real-Time Analytics which provides an approximate analysis of the current traffic on the website. Google Analytics is usually delayed in time but very precise so to meet resolve this Real-Time Analytics was launched.

YouTube is an American video-sharing website owned by Google. It was found in 2005 and bought by Google in 2006 for $1.6 billion.

YouTube users can upload, view, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos and subscribe. Users can also generate revenue from AdSense. There are many entrepreneurs who use YouTube as a platform to build their brand but also make revenue.

YouTube is free to view the website, but they also have paid subscriptions, movies, etc. There are 400 hours of content uploaded to YouTube each minute. According to Alexa Internet, this website is ranked as the second-most popular site in the world.

Photos, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Drive are all Google Products used in a business establishment. Google Photos allows users to store their memorable and important photos online with their Google account.

Docs are very much like Microsoft Word, but it is modeled to work online. It also allows offline editing on a web browser. But to open docs internet access is required. Sheets is similar to Microsoft Excel it also built to work online. And Slides is similar to PowerPoint.

These files that can be worked on with internet access are also downloadable to have offline access. It can also be shared with Google Drive or Gmail. Google Drive is online storage that can store files like images, videos, etc. which can be shared, stored and edited.

All these Google Products are used by business establishments to optimize their business. They can be used as tools for business which makes running a business very easy.

This can be done on a Chromebook. Chromebook is also a Google product which is a new, faster computer. And it is easily portable. Many businesses now work remotely so they can do all operations with a computer and internet access. It is the new age era of working on a holiday destination which is the dream.

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