Top 3 Medieval Movies – Best collection

There is something special about medieval times and movies that capture the essence of that time are pretty rare.

We have seen many movies that didn’t rise up to our expectations, but there are some that have left us totally speechless.

Portraying the medieval times amazingly with a great story, brilliant actors and thoughtful message, these movies are our absolute favorites. Here is the list of our top 3 medieval movies.

Top 3 Medieval Movies
Top 3 Medieval Movies

Top 3 Medieval Movies

1.Kingdom of Heaven

Kingdom of Heaven is one of the greatest medieval movies that we have ever seen. This is the story of a simple blacksmith named Balian.

His life changes drastically when his wife suddenly dies and he decides to join his father, Baron Godfrey, in order to participate in the crusade to Jerusalem.

He will have to go through a long and tiresome journey in order to reach his final destination.

On this journey, he will meet King Baldwin IV and his leader Guy de Lusignan, two warriors that have a pretty specific and gruesome plan.

They want to wage a war against all of the Muslims in order to achieve their personal and political goals.

The story of this movies is great, but it has an even bigger quality – the amazing insight that it provides to all of the viewers into the medieval times, the people living there and their aspirations, hopes and struggles.

If you are a medieval fan, this movie is perfect for you!

  1. Braveheart

We are sure that most of the people have heard about William Wallace, a medieval Scotsman, who led the revolution against the Englishman in his homeland.

The movie Braveheart is an amazing tribute to his character and his bravery. When the love of William’s life gets killed, he decides to lead the Scottish army into a series of battles.

These battles slowly become a big ward versus the English King Edward I, and the Scottish people finally have the motivation and the will to die for their country.

This is an amazingly inspirational story about a man that becomes a symbol of freedom in Scotland, a man who defies all odds and goes to the battle in order to protect his homeland. Braveheart gets the highest scores on our rating scale!

  1. King Arthur

We are fairly certain that everyone is familiar with the story about King Arthur and his knights. But this movie has a little different adaptation.

King Arthur came out in 2004, and it is one of the best movies about his life and his rise to power.

It is a story about a cavalry officer that is serving for the Roman army. He is defending the Hadrian’s Wall against angry and rebellious Britons.

Arthur was supposed to be relieved, but he is sent on a dangerous mission to rescue the family of Marius Honorius, a man who tortured pagans in every way possible.

It’s an amazing story that has a pretty different adaptation than classic stories about King Arthur. What makes this movie great is its atmosphere and its vibe – you will almost feel like you are living in medieval times.

It’s a dream come true for any medieval fan. We definitely recommend watching this movie!

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