Top 20 Best Google Gravity Tricks Of 2017 That Will Amaze You

Google Gravity: –Tired of browsing your google chrome browser? want to try something new on Google? Just stop your browsing for some time and head over below to find some cool and interesting tricks of Google Search engine that will amaze you.

Google is the big bro of the internet, as our brother make fun with us google also has some fun tricks that will definitely make you laugh. To use these funny tricks, connected you just connect to the internet and use a working internet browser.

Google Gravity

What is Google Gravity:-

In Google Gravity tricks you will amaze to see web pages turning upside down or might seem like falling down. In these tricks, you will find such cool and amazing stuff. Google gravity tricks are made by javascript codes by smart programmers.

Google Gravity Tricks:-

Here the most amazing google gravity tricks that allow you to do some cool and interesting tricks with Google. Also, I have provided you all the direct links to access these page you don’t have to search them manually. Here are some cool google gravity tricks you must try.

1. Zero Gravity Google:-

Google zero gravity is a cool trick of Google gravity. In this trick, you will be noticed all the content of web page falling down, including text and images. Even when you type something to search it will be written in reversed order.

2. Google Sphere:-

In these tricks, the content will spread around in a sphere pattern. It’s a quite tricky and bit tough to search anything on this because the page turns around as you move your mouse and bit hard to click on the right link. Then when the result will come it will also move in the circular.

3. Google Gravity Underwater:-

As the name underwater it demonstrates you a beautiful background consisting of the underwater sea and different types of fish. When you search something it will take some time to show you the result, but when the result will come you will find your contents in a floating manner.

4. Google Guitar:-

Do you want to play guitar on your PC without any software? yes you can do it n this tricks google let you play guitar while surfing the internet. As you search for something on the web page, the results will appear in an inverted way.

5. Do A Barrel Roll:-

Do a barrel roll is an awesome trick which turns your web page 360 degrees.

Wanna try this trick?

just go to and search “Do A Barrell Roll” then you will experience this amazing trick.

6. Google Rainbow:-

Want to try something colorful? Then try this page which will bring some color to your page.

7. Google Zero Gravity Inversion:-

Google zero gravity inversion is the coolest trick by Google. It makes you feel that you are on the other side of the screen. It will invert all the things including image also. This is one of the most interesting Google Gravity tricks that you should never miss trying.

8. Google Tilt:-

Google tilt displays the search result in a tilted manner. Just open google and search ’tilt’ then you will experience a tilted version of your web page.

9. Zerg Rush:-

This is a bit interesting trick which makes all the search result disappears one after another. This will make the entire area of a web page filled with zero.

  • Just open Google.
  • Then search ‘zerg rush’.
  • Then you will experience this trick.

10. Google Space:-

Google space is one of the interesting tricks which you can try, it makes the web page like someone floating in space. You will experience how the web page floating like below image.

11. Google Snake Game:-

You all might be experienced the snake game in an old Nokia phone. This is the same as that game. All you need to just click on given link and it will redirect to this game web page. All you have to do is just click on the start icon and you can play this game without any hesitation.

12. Google Pacman:-

This game we all played once in our life. In this game, you represent the Pacman who needs to finish eating the balls within the lines and defend yourself against the monsters. So just use the given link to enjoy this game.

13. Google Terminal:-

This is one of the most unusual tricks here we can’t use our mouse, here only our keyboard works.

14. Easter Egg Trick

You might have played the ‘Super Mario Brothers‘ game in your childhood. Once you type ‘Super Mario Brothers’ in the search field, the results page will display the iconic brick with a question mark as you have seen in the game.

As you click multiple times in the brick, it will score 200 points, as you click 100 times it will ring a 1-up sound. This trick keeps the game unblocked and you can enjoy it once again on the web.

15. Google Bing Mirror

Google Bing Mirror is one of the cool tricks. As you search for Google Bing Mirror it will show the webpage in a reverse manner.

16. Find Your IP Location

Through this trick, you can find your IP address as well as your geolocation.

17. Google Loco

This trick is also many bits interesting because in this trick the entire web page falls down suddenly.

18. Search ‘the number of horns on a unicorn’

You probably know the answer but Google displays this in a unique and interesting manner. Just look at this below image and comment you liked it or not?

19. Weenie Google

Winy Google is a cool trick, in this trick entire web page turns into small size. It is a third-party tool.

20.Chuck Norris Google trick

This is not an interesting trick, but you will be surprised by the results.

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Over To You:-

I told you all the tricks about Google Gravity. So if you find this post useful please share it with your friends. If you have any problems regarding this post, don’t forget to comment so that I can help you out.

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