How to teach children responsible use of Smartphones

How to teach children responsible use of Smartphones

The technology industry is at its prime by expanding every day. Many new gadgets and applications are launched by the companies every day whose target audience are teenagers and children.

As per the PEW research, 97% of the American adults own a cell phone among whom, 77% of the people own a smartphone. Another statistical report by the CBS news claim that 80% of teens between 12 and 17 own a cell phone.

The current generation children are curious to try out new applications for hiking their smartness level. The parents fulfill children’s demand, but they hardly understand the darker world behind the smartphone.


Before handing the device of doom, Parents should check these parameters to determine whether their child is ready to use a smartphone responsibly

1) Is your Child ready to own a smartphone?

The 2016 research by the New York Times found the ideal time for giving a smartphone to kids is between 12-14 years. The smart generation has made it easier for children to understand smartphone’s functionality.

If your child has the ability to use a smartphone, then it is recommended to sign an agreement or a contract. The contract must refer to all the conditions for using a smartphone. It can have agreements for

a) Keeping the smartphone activated and not setting a lock

b) A standard time for using the smartphone throughout the day

c) A Rule for keeping track of belongings if they have a habit of losing items regularly

2) Discuss the danger that comes along with the smartphone usage

The parents should follow ‘Prevention is better than cure’ strategy to make their children understand the darker world associated with smartphones. The discussion must involve

a) Why it’s dangerous to share personal information with a stranger

b) Why sharing personal images can bring a bad name to one’s character

c) Why getting familiar with a stranger must be avoided

d) Social media is a highlight reel where reality is twisted

e) and how Cyber predators bait children to fall into their trap

3) How parental software can benefit parents and their children

The parental monitoring software is used to monitor and control a child’s activity on a smartphone. Parents when in doubt can seek help from it for tracking children’s activity.

One of the leading parental software in the market is TiSpy. TiSpy is user-friendly, and its advanced features can aid any parent to control their child’s smartphone activity.

How TiSpy features can help parents to track their Kids

1) Social Media Monitoring

TiSpy software digs deep and finds widely used social media platforms on the smartphone. It learns about the pattern of texting. TiSpy helps parents to monitor social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tinder.

It also monitors WhatsApp, Hike, Viber, Line, and emails. It records all the messages and saves it on TiSpy dashboard. TiSPY parental control software can easily track major mobile apps which kids are using on their device.

2) Location tracking

TiSpy made location tracking of children much easier with real-time interactive maps. Parents receive notifications when their kid reaches a specific destination or location.

The software also provides the path with location traveled in a whole day.

3) Text Message Tracking

Parents can read all the sent or received messages on the phone. The software provides essential details like sender number, receiver number, date, time and message itself.

If messages are deleted from the phone, parents can view them on the dashboard.

4) Call Tracking

The call tracking feature of TiSpy software helps parents to view the entire call log accompanied by details like caller identification, duration of the call, and much more.

If the call is received by a registered number from the phonebook, then the name and image will be saved on the dashboard.

5) Track MultiMedia Files

The TiSpy software allows parents to view every image phone camera captures.

It also allows viewing of other multimedia files like videos, mp3, Apk downloaded from sources other than play store, and much more. TiSpy saves multimedia information on the dashboard.

6) Monitor applications and Internet usage

TiSpy monitors all the application available on the smartphone and displays frequently used apps. Parents can block an inappropriate application from the dashboard.

The software saves all the URLs accessed from the browser, and how much time was spent on a website.


Teaching children responsible use of a smartphone has become essential today. Children must be kept away from untoward content available on the internet.

Children can be benefited if they understand the right usage of the internet. Parents should take care of their kid’s online activity and teach them how to use the smartphone properly.

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