Stellar Review: The Free Data Recovery Software That Everyone Needs

Stellar Review: The Free Data Recovery Software That Everyone Needs

The more features our devices have, the more prone they are to failures. And whether it is personal data or business data, both need to be secured so that the user does not lose it during a system failure. However, there are situations where no expert can do anything because the data loss is so quick that they do not even get time to react. In such conditions, data recovery software comes to their rescue.

There are several data recovery software options available, but people need to select only the most reliable one that will recover their data safely. One of the current best choices in the market is the Stellar Free Data Recovery Software. With this free software, users can recover up to 1GB of data. In this Stellar review, we will cover all aspects of the software, checking if it is worthy or not. So let’s get started.

User Interface

The first thing that users encounter in any software is its User Interface (UI). Usually, developers try to incorporate many features in their software and end up making it typical to use, which creates a bad user experience. But that is not the case with Stellar free data recovery software. It has such a user-friendly interface that even a beginner would not have any issue in operating it.

On the very first look of the software is the option selection slide.

Data Recovery Software

Here, users can select what type of data they want to recover. They can either choose any one option or the first option that says “Everything.” After pressing the next button, they land on the “Recover From” slide.

Free Data Recovery Software

Here they have to select the location from where they want to recover files. The software will then mentions all the recoverable files available in the selected location. From that menu, users can pick what data they want to recover, and the software will rescue them.

All these features show that the data can be recovered in a few steps, which makes the UI extremely friendly.


As we said earlier, there are several options to choose from. However, most of them lack one thing or the other. One of the crucial aspects to check while looking for data recovery software is whether it is compatible with the target system or not. In the case of Stellar free data recovery software, users do not need to worry about anything. It is because the software is compatible with every version of Windows OS.

Other than these, the software can also be used to recover data from external devices like HDD and USB.

Amount of Data to Be Recovered

Numerous software’s claim to recover the data for free. However, many of them fail when they are used to recover a high amount of data. With Stellar free data recovery software, users can get up to 1GB of their lost data. And as the name makes it clear, “free,” so the users do not need to pay for the recovery.


With a friendly user interface, several features, excellent compatibility, and free service, Stellar free data recovery software is the best place to go, wherever people need to recover their lost data. Compared to its competitors, the software provides a pretty efficient platform, which makes it the best available free data recovery software.

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