3 Reasons Why Your Next Phone Should be An Android Smartphone

why android is better

If you are deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, then it is quite natural to believe that you do not really have a choice except to buy the next iPhone. However, by the time you are done reading, it’s possible that you could be considering a slow shift to the Android ecosystem instead.

You Have a Choice

Unless you are one of the few people in this world who believe that people shouldn’t be given choices, you will appreciate this one for sure. The Android OS offers its users with so many choices by choosing not to remain close-ended like Apple. It does not matter what requirements are your priority over everything else; there is an Android smartphone out there that will fit your specific requirements like a glove.

Budget Pricing of Hardware without Sacrificing on Quality

As long as you have a decent enough budget for your next smartphone, you will be able to find a good Android smartphone that does not sacrifice on quality. For example, the TCL 10L Turkey released there only recently is an amazing mid-ranger with advanced HDR support, TCL’s own NXTVISION software processing, a beautiful FHD+ display (6.53”) and a 37-mp front camera that’s actually better than a lot of flagship smartphones available today.

The competition between the various OEMs has kept Android a competitive market for consumers, which is why your next Android smartphone might very well be a significantly more cost-efficient buy than an iPhone can ever be.

Android Smartphones Retain the Headphone Jack

You might be compelled by marketing into thinking that the 3.5mm headphone jack is unnecessary, and Bluetooth is the future, but that’s not true in its entirety. Leaving aside the technicality of it all, if we simply concentrate on the fact that every iPhone present in the market could have incorporated a headphone jack with the space they had inside, it leaves one asking the question, why not? While plenty of Android OEMs have also followed the trend and left the 3.5mm jack behind, the choice of being able to buy the latest Android smartphones that don’t forego the simple 3.5mm jack is not to be understated as wired sound quality is always going to be better than wireless sound.

Many believe that iOS is reaching a point of standstill in its development process. For example, if you look at the latest iteration of the iPadOS, you will notice that it is essentially turning out to be a less feature-rich MacOS! Once you add in the price of keyboards and other accessories to the whole package, the iPad 2020 feels like a more expensive and much less powerful, entry-level MacBook pro. The iPhones, on the other hand, are getting bigger every year, following in the footsteps of Android smartphones in terms of display size, wireless charging, etc.

The only real and significant advantage that iOS really has over Android is the uniform structure. That is where the strength of the iOS lies, and it is likely to be there for the foreseeable future as well. For everything else, a good Android smartphone can truly be called a more affordable, and yet somehow better choice than most smartphones on the market today.

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