Six Reasons to take Apache Spark with Scala training

What is big data

The term big data is around every corner as businesses have changed the way they conduct themselves. The traditional techniques of handling data do not apply to enormous data transmission from various sources.

The big data analytical tools provide meaningful insights into the vast data for business to make sensible business decisions. Big data analytics is a complex process and requires specialized analytical techniques.

Six Reasons to take Apache Spark with Scala training

Let us understand Spark and Scala

Apache Spark is a big data application which helps in the streaming of structured and unstructured data. It is an open-source application built on the SQL engine to support batch and real-time streaming queries.

Apache Scala is a programming language which makes the execution simple with functional programming. Scala is preferred over other programming languages by most of the organizations as it is a strong programming language compared to Java or Python and can be processed in Apache Spark.

What will you learn in training in Spark with Scala

Apache Spark with Scala training will help to create Spark applications using Scala programming. Training in Apache Spark with Scala will help you to:

  1. Gain knowledge of the Spark ecosystem of various tools like Spark Mlib, Spark SQL, Kafka, Flume, etc.
  2. Learn to handle real-time data feeds with Kafka
  3. Learn industry standards and best practices
  4. Gain an overview of big data and Hadoop concepts
  5. Learn to transform structured data with Spark SQL
  6. Learn to build, deploy and run spark scripts on Hadoop clusters
  7. Learn to analyze graph structures with GraphX
  8. Understand data processing with spark and programming with Scala
  9. Learn to work on projects programmed with Scala to run on spark applications.
  10. Learn to express general programming with Scala and streaming with Spark.

Reasons to take up Apache Spark and Scala course

The Apache Spark and Scala course is a unique blend of big data analytics tools which offers a lucrative career to all the aspirants. Reasons, why you should take up this course, is:

  1. Straightforward to implement IoT: Apache Spark can help to handle many analytical tasks and implement IoT using machine learning libraries, analyzing graphs with advanced algorithms.
  2. Business decision optimization: Business decisions can be optimized by using dashboards to capture and display data in real-time. This facilitates analysis of data transmitted by the sensors.
  3. Create complex workflows with ease: Complex workflows can be created with ease using minimum codes.
  4. Ease of writing codes: It is easy to express by writing codes in Scala compared to Java.
  5. Growing framework: The framework of Scala and Spark is growing. The ecosystem and libraries are growing giving a wide scope for learning and implementation.
  6. Being marketable and in high demand: Apache Spark and Scala are in high demand by many organizations. You will get a rewarding career and a fat salary by learning a course which is in high demand.

Learning Apache Spark and Scala will get you a lucrative career with a rewarding salary. Organizations prefer candidates with streaming and programming knowledge as a package. A course in Spark and Scala will help to accelerate your career very quickly.


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