Putlocker – Do sites like these have good movies?

We have all come across movies online one time or another. It usually happens when we are looking to find a good movie or tv show to watch online.

We start searching for online links or streams that are clear and of great quality. What happens next is that we find sites like putlocker or 123 movies or movies123 but the question becomes are these sites good?

Sites like putlocker

There are many variations of the original putlocker that are now online. It becomes really difficult to know which site to trust or not to trust.

Especially with countless popups and virus auto download installers nowadays. Finding a good a trust worthy movie streaming website is very difficult.

Here we will compile a list of sites we think are really great and come close to the original putlocker.

Putlocker – Do sites like these have good movies?

 Movies123 also known as HDNOW.cc


This is a new site on the block for movie stream watchers and a great one to keep an eye on.

Especially with almost no ads site wide except for the embeds which is understandable. It makes for a great #1 pick on our list. The two main reasons are fewer ads and great streams.

To top that list off is that the content is frequently updated and the design is simple and very easy to use and understand. Finding your next favorite show or movie is no longer a difficult task with hdnow.cc

123movies url: 123movies.as


Remember the old 123 movie days well they seem to be back. This site ditched the famous slider approach and goes straight into the latest movies. 

From venom to Halloween and more you can find some great streams on this site again with minimal ads and annoyances.

What’s great is that they always seem to update the content and fix any broken links. You also won’t have to worry about any crazy nude or adult related popups at all which trust me has become a major pain.

So again, if you are looking to have a great time online just venture over to 123movies.as and find your favorite TV shows and movies are a second’s disposal.

If an embed doesn’t work be sure to report it as their reporting feature and response rate is great. At the moment sign ups seems to be closed but they open from time to time so be on the lookout for that.

123 movies and putlocker are great sources for entertainment

If you are looking to relax and watch movies online you can bet on these two sources to give you amazing content, at no cost, with perfect streams each and every time.

Just be sure to always give back to the universe by sharing these sites with family and friends.

Finding a gem when it comes to online streaming is really difficult nowadays so it’s understandable if you want to keep things to yourself.

But the more these sites get visitors the more accommodating they become to our requests. So let’s help one another and make them great.

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