Pandora vs Spotify Difference and comparison as of 2020

Pandora vs Spotify

Choices may be different, the intensity may vary but it’s true that we all love music. Listening to music is what relaxes us, sometimes soothes us, sometimes puts a smile on our faces. Songs can motivate us, energize us, and sometimes cheer us up.

In today’s digital world, you don’t need to buy a record and listen to a tune on the gramophone record player. The boon of the Internet has brought to us a lot of music streaming services. They offer us a variety of enjoyable experiences. These music streaming services have some common features while each of them does have some exclusive features that others don’t offer.

We have a lot of options to choose from for the music streaming service app. From Amazon to YouTube, Apple to Tidal, music is offered in different attractive forms. Let’s compare two of the most loved apps worldwide.

Detail Information About Pandora Vs Spotify

Pandora vs Spotify
Pandora vs Spotify

Pandora Information

Pandora is a well-known internet radio and music streaming service. It has the most loved feature of automated music recommendation. Pandora has more than 63 million active monthly users. It is one of the most popular radio service and the biggest player in the internet radio market in the U.S.

Pandora Subscription

Pandora offers free as well as paid premium service. But the service offered in the free plan includes only radio and the music streaming is in low quality. Another bad thing is that if you are a free user, you are allowed to access Pandora for desktop only through the web. You can not download its desktop app.

Pandora Plus and Pandora Premium are the two paid plans offered by Pandora. The cost of the Pandora Plus plan is $5 per month. We can enjoy ad-free radio stations but not on-demand streaming music. On-demand music streaming and ad-free radio stations are included in the Pandora Premium plan which costs $10 per month. It is noteworthy that Pandora has a special discount scheme per month for students and persons from the military where they are charged with $5 and $8 respectively, for Pandora Premium, per month.

What is attractive in Pandora?

  • For the best suggestions to be given to the user, Pandora’s Music Genome Project analyzes each track with consideration of 450 different attributions.
  • Getting started on Pandora is so easy. We have to just ask Pandora to play a track by its artist and a channel containing the compositions of that artist and another artist of similar style is created. You have a choice than to choose which interests you.
  • Pandora is available on a large number of platforms iOS, Android, Kindle device, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One, Sonos device, Google Chromecast, Mac, and Windows.

What is missing in Pandora?

  • Free users can listen to music at the poor quality of 64Kbps. For Premium users too, it is just 192Kbps. This is very sad news for real music lovers.

Information About Spotify

Spotify is a digital music, podcast, and video streaming service. They have a huge collection of songs and other content from artists around the globe. Spotify lets you enjoy its services on phones, tablets, computers, speakers, TVs. It has a monthly active user base of nearly 280 million.

Spotify Subscription:

Spotify also has both paid and free plans. The free plan offers shuffle-play songs but with ad interruptions. The Premium plan of Spotify costs $10 per month.

If you are a student, then Spotify is so kind to you offering the plan for $5 per month. To mention more, it has a $15 per month plan for the whole family. With Spotify’s Premium plan, we can stream the song we want from its huge music library and we can download it, too.

What is attractive in Spotify?

  • Spotify has a large library of popular tracks and a very good quality of playlists library too. This playlist can help the users to search and enjoy the music of a particular genre or playable during specific activities like exercise, dancing, traveling.
  • Spotify can run on various devices like Android and iOS tablets or smartphones, Mac and Windows computers. It is also available on Web, Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, Sonos devices, Chromecast. It works well with Android Auto, Apple’s CarPlay, and Amazon Alexa.

What is missing in Spotify?

  • The free plan doesn’t allow the user to listen to particular songs. Instead, they get a mumbo-jumbo playlist based on their requests.
  • It is difficult to sync music that you already own to your Spotify library.
  • Advertisements in the free plan can be irritating.

Summing it up about Pandora vs Spotify

So, as we have seen now, both Spotify and Pandora are giving its users a nice experience of listening to music. None of them is a piece of perfect music streaming app but both do have a lot of attractive features. Both have their own Pros and Cons. It is up to the user’s interests, mood, priorities, preferences, and last but not the least The User’s Wallet (:-)) which music streaming app he or she chooses! We hope this brief guide will be helpful to the users in taking that decision!!

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