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Which iPhone model do you have? Here where to look.

What iPhone do I have

How do You Find out What iPhone You Have Not sure which iPhone you have got? Here are simple steps to identify an Apple handset by using the model number or the information that is available in the settings app, or based on the physical design. Even the experienced users …

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How to change Skype Display name and Username?

How to Change Skype Username

Best Tricks For Skype If you are reading this, you might be familiar with Skype. Skype is a very popular app used worldwide. It is really a nice way to get connected with friends as it is providing good quality audio and video for communication. Used for personal and professional …

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How to Get Local Channels on FireStick

How to Get Local Channels on Firestick

Watch Local Channels Legal and Free on FireStick First of all, we will have some information about What is FireStick and what is the use of it? This device is small in size which is called a network appliance that delivers the digital audio/video contents that are streamed via the …

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