Top 10 Online MP4 to MOV Converters for software/app/services

The most common format for Apple videos and QuickTime video clips is the MOV file extension. The file format for QuickTime Player was specifically created by Apple and can also be used on both MacOS systems and Microsoft platforms.

The mov files can save 2 or more plots, such as effects, graphics, text, sound, or video. This type of versatility makes both video and music editing in MOV file format very common.

On the other hand, the MP4 file extension is very common. And, in order to enable videos to play in a smooth way on QuickTime player, most of the videos in a popular video streaming site are often downloaded in MP4 format. If you want the versatility file, you need to find the MP4 to MOV converter.

MP4 to MOV Converters

Online MP4 to MOV Converters

There are plenty of free MP4 to MOV converters on Mac and Windows platforms to be used. Some of these systems are supported by both platforms, and others by one of them. Your major concern should be to get the right converter and to look at the following top 10 MP4 to MOV converters is a good start.

1. YouConvertIt – Online MP4 to MOV Converter

In our list of top 10 MP4 to MOV converters, the first is YouConvertIt. This is a free online converter which converts all type of files. video. Audio, photos, documents are converted by YouConvertIt . As it converts virtually all files, it’s a one-stop shop for converting a file, so you don’t have to go through any form of file you want to convert.

In May 2008 Unitemenets released the software. YouConvertit is keen to add a new file format to a long list of formats that a user needs to use and “will do their best” to add a new format to it. MP3, MOV, MP4, JPEG, DOC, JPG, WMA, WMV,AAC,XLS are all the supported formats.


Rapid speed of conversion.

No installation software is necessary.

Conversion of all file formats is supported.


It’s all a trade but nobody’s master.

To obtain the converted folder, you must apply your email address.

2. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

This must be the last choice to make when MP4 to MOV is converted. If you are searching for the best features in a converter, it has everything and if you are interested in compatibility, the program supports a variety of popular video and audio formats.

When you convert your MP4 files, you won’t have to worry about anything. There are several editing functions for improving your video and include changes to parameters such as saturation and resolution, trimming, fusion, trimming and inserting subtitles. You must make this program a top choice by using features like advanced and unique techniques, HD-to-regular conversion and basic editing tools.


Supports and easy to use almost every video format.


The loading time is too long for apps.

3- Online Video Converter – Online MP4 to MOV Converter

With this online converter, you can convert any video file to MOV format to play the file on Apple QuickTime. Can be used for MOV converting files to AVI, MP4, WMV etc. To convert your file, enter the URL file in the URL box on the site homepage for the file or directly download it to your local file, and then click Convert File.

The option is also available to edit converting settings to customize video to your taste. The supported formats comprise MOV, 3GP, FLV, MP4, FLV, WMV etc.


It is very easy to use the interface.
Allows selection of cloud-based file such as Dropbox and Google Drive.


After the conversion, it takes time and data to download videos.
The video converter is not a master because other files are also converted.

4- Convert.Files – Online MP4 to MOV Converter

This tool is very convenient for converting MP4 to MOV or MOV videos to MP4 online. You upload the MP4 video you want to convert, pick MOV as your output, and click Convert. A very simple method follows by it. You can also convert video to GIF, 3GP, WMV and AVI formats etc.


· It can be used very easily.
· The link to the converted file is sent to your email address.


· The URL for the video to be converted does not exist; the video needs to be downloaded.
· Very few file formats are supported.

5- Aimersoft HD Video Converter

This software might not have been used to edit your videos, but the wonderful features it provides would inspire you to do so. Such amazing features include editing and touching up videos, fetching and embedding video metadata, playing any video or audio, downloading videos from one or more sites, converting more than 250 audio and video formats, eliminating DVD coverage from all formats, making menu DVDs. and deleting DRM protection.

The program has extremely high transfer speeds when the conversion videos do not lose performance. You have every excuse to choose it, since it is free to use.

· The user-friendly interface guarantees the speed and professional completion of your tasks.

· This software contains some limitations for batch conversion.

6- ClipConverter – Online MP4 to MOV Converter

This is a free MP4 to MOV online converter that converts MP4 files to MOV files. You can save and convert certain types of files. ClipConverter also features the ability to transform images using a file URL to sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. MOV, AVI, MP4, MKV, MP3, 3GP, etc. are all compatible formats.


· Videos can be converted by URL.
· The process of conversion is very simple.


· There are limited support options.
· The rate of conversion is very slow.

7- Prism Video Converter

Video conversion is one of the easiest things to do with fun and at no cost. You will have to pay nothing for its services and it is open source. Easy video configuration adjustments are the main advantages you can get from using this long-standing program. It is not problematic whether its resolution, compression or encoder rates are set according to your preference.

The preview feature is available before you can finish the conversion process to ensure that you are aware of what you do. You will find mistakes in some applications long after the conversion has been made but not with it.


The intuitive interface is one of the features that make the editing of this software very simple.


The batch conversion feature is incomplete.

8- Xilisoft HD Video Converter

This converter is suitable for use in many aspects when you are a PC or Mac user. It is designed in such a way that it not only convert over 160 video and audio formats, but it can also transform 2D movies into 3D and run at a very high speed.

The features that you are looking for include optimized transmission profiles, high-definition video translators, 3D video converter, video clip segments, adding captions and soundtrack and adding multiple files to one, adjusting special effects and converting files into devices.


· Almost all video file formats are supported.


· It’s a bit hard to use.

9- Zamzar – Online MP4 to MOV Converter

Zamzar has been around for a while and it will always be listed when it comes to very good online video converters. Zamzar is also nice for MP4 to MOV digital converters. It can be used free of charge and it can convert more than one clip at a time. The converted videos are sent to the email address of the user because it can not be directly downloaded from Zamzar.


· Very user-friendly ans simple to use.
· Supports URL conversion and file upload.


· The speed of conversion is not outstanding.
· The converted folder on page can not be accessed instantly.

10- Online HD Video Converter

This is an advanced file conversion tool. It supports audio and video file conversion with all supporting major formats. Video support is provided in AVI, MP4, UHD 4K, UHD 2K, MOV, FLV, MKV, WMV,3GP. It supports OGG, AIFF MP3, FLAC and WAV audio formats . Video support is provided in all formats.


· It allows you to download YouTube videos.
· It enables transformed file to be compressed.


· Currently wide formats are supported.
· Videos are not rapidly converted.

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