Most Amazing Cool Websites Existed On The Internet You Didn’t Know 

Today we gonna be checking out some cool websites. There are millions of websites present on the Internet but here we collect the 9 most cool websites for you guys.

These are the list of cool websites present on the Internet.


  • This website lets you type like a hacker from your 💻(pc) browser.
  • Open this website in your browser and press Keyboard (🎹) keys randomly and this will convert those keystrokes into some hacking codes.
  • You can compare this website with some hacking movies.😉
  • Any can press the Alt button to see the ultimate hacking message.


  • This is used for disposal mail service or rather we can say it temporary email(📧) service which stays only for 10 minutes from the moment you enter the site.
  • If you don’t want to give your real email address to someone then this will help you.☺️


  • This site will let you see the live hacking attacks map on your computer screen.😜
  • But I don’t know if it let you see some CIA level stuff but I think it has a push on in the list (📃) because it’s simple and amazingly cool. 😎


  • This site will let you download all the official Android app into yours 💻.
  • Directly just copy the package name or Google play URL and paste in the box for the app.
  • Once you paste the link then click on the Generate download link button then it will show you a green download button, just click on that then you will see the app file downloading to your computer.

  • You have probably known about this already but I have to mention this in my list because I found out that it’s cool.
  • It is a clean interface of YouTube on your occasion without any distraction.
  • You can control this website by using your keyboard if you insist because it is a TV optimize version of YouTube.


You also know about this but many of you still didn’t know about this, so I put this on my list.

  • Check any websites speed and performance using this website.
  • From these analyses you can find why your website is slow and how can you speed up.


  • With the help of the Wayback machine, you can see the history of any blog on this website.

  • Destroy any website with this website.
  • It’s just a prank but it’s funny.
  • Open this website in your pc and drag the red color kick ass button to your bookmark and then open your computer and click on the kickass button.
  • Now destroy that website you have opened.


Over To You:-

I told you all the information about cool websites exists on the Internet if you like this post then don’t forget to share with your friends. If you have any problems regarding this then don’t forget to comment so that I can help you out.☺️

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