Most​ ​Common​ ​Problems​ ​Of​ ​The​ ​Car​ ​&​ ​How​ ​To​ ​Get​ ​Rid​ ​Of​ ​It

​Most​ ​common​ ​car​ ​problems :-

Your car may suffer from hiccups while you are driving. Uneven tyre rotation, defective braking,

delayed start and noisy journey-all these cast a negative impact on your overall experience when you

take the ride. Well, you should know the reasons behind these problems, so that you can approach

the technicians as a well-informed owner. Often, people do not approach the experts at the

workshop for checking the problems simply because they are unaware of the symptoms.

You should be able to detect the problems instantly and seek expert help to get them fixed. If you

know the symptoms that indicate the degrading health of your car, you can save costs by fixing them

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Here are the most common problems that you might experience with your car.

Uneven​ ​tyre​ ​rotation :-

You might experience an awkward motion when the car moves. The tyres of the car wear off

unevenly due to the friction with the road. This is dangerous, as the grip of the tyre with the road

surface is reduced.

This also happens if the wheels of your car are not aligned in the right manner. The most common

way to fix the problem is to lift the wheels of the car with a jack and inspect the wheels individually.

Look out for dents and dips in the tyre and bald spots, both inside and outside the tyre. It is easy to

fix the problem when you bank on the experts, experienced in repairing the cars.
Non-functional​ ​air-conditioning​ ​system

At times, you might find that the cooling effect of the air conditioner is not effective. This occurs

because the refrigerant in the machine exhausts the temperature within the car undergoes no

change when you put on the AC machine.

In other cases, leaks in the system lead to malfunctioning of the AC. If you are confident enough with

refrigerant refilling, you can fix the problem yourself. However, it is necessary to count on the

experts, as they eliminate the risks of damage.

Issues​ ​with​ ​starting​ ​the​ ​engine

One of the most worrying problems with your car is that the engine fails to start. Even if it starts, it

takes a long time. Various reasons lead to problems with starting the engine. The most common

reason is a dead battery, or the connections in the terminal cable.

You may note the sound of the engine when you try to start it. It may make a slight screeching

sound, or remain completely silent. When you convey these symptoms to the experts at the car

workshop, they diagnose the problem and fix the faults with the engine.

Overheating​ ​of​ ​the​ ​engine :-

The deficit of coolant in the engine may lead to overheating. You may find smoke or steam rising

from the engine when it gets overheated. Note the temperature gauge of the engine and the

position of the needle. In case your hoses have leaks, the coolant is depleted fast and it leads to

overheating of the engine. Defects with the radiator fan may lead to overheating, as it fails to keep

the engine cool.

Faulty​ ​battery :-

In case you note short journeys and bad electrical connections in the car, check out the battery. This

happens especially in cold weather conditions. When you contact the technicians, they check the

battery condition and the terminal, ensuring that the connections are fine.

These tips will help you to detect problems with your car in the early stages. Contact the experts at for swift services in pune. The professionals provide free pick and drop facilities

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