Top 8 Malayalam Movie Download Sites List 2018 For Best Entertainment

[kkstarratings]Hi, guys are you looking for a free Malayalam movie download sites list?

If yes!

Then you are in the right place.

Here you will get all the top Malayalam movie download sites list.

malayalam movie download sites list
I am sure that all of us are interested to watch movies offline than watching it online.

Because while watching movies online not only we have to consume a lot of data but also wastage of time.

We can watch offline movies whenever I want without any hesitation.

That’s for new films that releasing in theatres.

What about the old Malayalam film?

We can’t find old film easily in movie streaming sites like youtube, Hotstar, and many others.

Is not it right?

Yes, it’s right.

Malayalam movie download sites list

Then how can I find old Malayalam films?

Don’t worry…

Here I have mentioned all the Malayalam movie download sites list.

In these movie download sites, you can get both old movies as well as new ones.

So let’s jump over…

Malayalam Movie Download Sites List:

For downloading a movie we normally search its name in google and visit sites to download these movies.

But sometimes we landed on some worst websites with lots of advertisements, fake download links, etc.

It causes a lot of trouble for us as well as wastage of time.

So I have selected some sites that are useful and trusted.

So let’s start.


tamilrockerzz Malayalam movie download sites list

For me, tamilrockers tops the list because it has both new Malayalam movies and old too.

Here you can find Telugu movies too.

They also have the option to choose the quality of film while downloading.

Here you also find pirated movies to download but that’s illegal.

They provide us both the direct link and torrent to download movies.

So that’s it for Tamil rockers now head over to another.


ZippyMoviez Malayalam movie download sites list

It is another great website to watch Malayalam movies online and you can download it too.

Here you can find all the new movies in DVDRip format.

They provide us a direct link as well as a torrent link too.

Now head over to another site.


Tubjet Malayalam movie download sites list

This is the best tool to download Malayalam movies.

It has an awesome feature that not only lets you download movies but also can search movies according to your keyword.

Follow the below procedure for downloading from this site:-

  • First search for the movie you want to download.
  • Then copy the link.

Malayalam movie download sites list for free

  • Then paste the link in the box and click on download.

Now you will see downloading started.


youtube malayalam movie download sites list

Well before writing about this, I knew that who didn’t know about Youtube.

But still, if you don’t know..

…you can search your desired movies on youtube and if the movie is available you can watch it online or you can download it too.

You can be streaming movies Online too.


TamilMV Malayalam movie download sites list

This is another good site for downloading both Malayalam and Tamil movies.

The interface is a bit the same as tamilrockers.

You can find a new movie as well as old ones too.


dvd malayalam movie download sites list

This is also a good site to download both Malayalam and Tamil movies.

The best part I liked about this site is you can request which movie you want in the Request Movies section.

And you can also download all the movies requested by users in the Requested movies section.


This is another good website to download Malayalam movies.

Here you can get all the latest Malayalam movies and some old Malayalam movies too.

The best part about this website is it easy to surf through your browser.


Hotstar is one of the best sites among all of the above but there has a cap that you can watch old movies here.

Malayalam movie download sites list

Old movies mean after 5-6 months of the movie release.

Malayalam movie download sites list

You can save your movie to watch offline any time you want or I have written a guide on how to download Hotstar videos you can follow that.

Conclusion for Malayalam movie download sites list

I have told you all the information about downloading Malayalam and Tamil movies.

If you like this guide then do share with your friends because sharing is caring.😉

Malayalam movie download sites list

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If you found any problem regarding this post just comment down so that I can help you out.

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