Top 6 Similar Sites and Liveleak Alternative

Sites Similar to LiveLeak is a video sharing website. Though, not so popular as YouTube, the website has made a distinct identity of itself in the digital world of the Internet due to its special content. The site is known to be founded in October 2006 on the same day on which its sister site was closed. Both sites are the brainchildren of the same team of citizen journalists.

LiveLeak allows users to share videos of real incidents from all around the world like fatal accidents, war scenes, political debates, criticism, shootings, and other such real footage. As many of you might know, LiveLeak was in controversy more than one time. Because the website often featured videos containing real footage of shootings, political content, violence including a video of the beheading of a US journalist by the notorious terrorist organization IS.

LiveLeak has maintained its strict non-biased attitude and affirmed freedom of speech from time to time. These things with its real footage content have made this site gather millions of viewers across the world.

As LiveLeak is not accessible to viewers, there are numerous queries and searches on the internet about some sites similar to LiveLeak or LiveLeak Alternative. If you too are one of them, the compilation below will be helpful to you.

Top 6 Similar Sites and Liveleak Alternative

LiveLeak Alternative
LiveLeak Alternative

Top Liveleak Alternative sites

Xfinity – Site like Liveleak

Xfinity is a good alternative for LiveLeak. The site is quite popular worldwide and one of the most visited sites in the US. It offers viewers current ongoings from diverse fields like sports, comedy, politics, entertainment, etc. The amazing Google search bar of the website makes it easy for the viewers to find the video they want. You can watch the contents of popular media houses and platforms here. A lot of educational videos are another special feature of the site which includes videos related to the latest Science and Tech.

Xfinity is a very good alternative to LiveLeak just take into account that you have to pay approximately $50 if you wish to enjoy it.

Metacafe – Liveleak Alternative

Another site similar to LiveLeak is Metacafe. This is a platform for sharing video content which costs you nothing. If you love the interface of LiveLeak, you will love Metacafe’s too. Here, you will find a wide variety of categories for videos that are updated regularly. They are categorized in trending videos, sports videos, animation videos, etc. You will find videos related to news, politics, science, entertainment, art, and culture here.

There are no restrictions and you can go on watching your favorite videos for hours. Even you don’t have to register for watching videos. But if you wanna upload yours, you have to do it.

Break – Sites Similar to LiveLeak

You might be familiar with the name of Break if you are one of the crazy lovers of funny and comedy content online. Not much popular like LiveLeak, this website can really be a good choice if you are searching for sites like LiveLeak. Its streaming and navigation system is so smooth to enjoy.

Funny content is the huge plus point of Break. Whether it may be pranks or fails or any other sort of funny video from TV or movies you can get it here. Many of them in HD quality.

Watching videos from archives of recent years is also possible on Break. What distinguishes Break from other sites is the feature of images on it which other video posting and sharing sites usually lack.

Dailymotion – Websites Similar to LiveLeak

It is quite a well-known site for watching and posting videos. You can follow the channels you love and get their upload updates regularly.

Dailymotion doesn’t cost you a buck if you want to watch videos only. But in case of posting videos, they do have a paid service with regular free service. Point to be noted that Dailymotion has a really big database of videos of different genres. You have to search and explore your favorite video and enjoy it.

TooShocking – Similar Liveleak

It is one more site like LiveLeak which hosts real footage of shocking events. As you can figure out from the website’s name, it hosts a variety of videos from all over the globe which can be really shocking. Fatal accidents, animal attacks, shootings are the main content of this site.

The site lets you participate in the discussion over a specific video posted there on their official FB page. If you loved these types of videos on LiveLeak, you will surely like to visit the TooShocking website.

YouTube Р LiveLeak Alternative

Last but not the least, YouTube is always there to entertain you. Talking about video hosting, YouTube holds the biggest video content record. Genres and categories available here are almost all under the Sun.

A simple and user-friendly interface is another feature of YouTube which it has constantly modified as per users’ needs. Your search for sites similar to LiveLeak will certainly make you visit YouTube. It is hosting almost all types of videos encompassing all genres and categories including sports, entertainment, politics, education, movies, TV contents, science and technology, reality shows, adventures and hikes, animation, and pop culture with real-life footages and personal life vlogs.

As YouTube has and lets you post nearly all the content you get on LiveLeak with a lot more different types of videos, it can be considered a good alternative to LiveLeak.

As we all know, LiveLeak stands at its place and holds #1 in its particular genre. Still, if we want to get a good alternative website for it, the sites suggested above worth visiting. You can get nearly the same content as that of LiveLeak with loads of other features and content at these sites. We hope you will find the suggestions above helpful. These are the few LiveLeak alternatives.

Video hosting websites are loved everywhere as they provide audio-visual information or entertainment. While some are more focused on providing light entertainment or informative censored news content, some websites like LiveLeak are more focused on the harsh reality of events and incidents happening in our world. They advocate freedom of speech, unbiased news coverage, and citizen journalism. Yes, they have some content that is violent and inappropriate. But the thing making us feel bad and really sad is that these are not shot videos, they are real video footage.

Explore some more sites LIKE Liveleak

If you are still looking for more, there are few more suggestions. Some more sites similar to LiveLeak and worth visiting are mentioned below :

  1. OMG news
  2. My Vids
  3. eBaum’sworld
  4. DTube
  5. Engage Media

Try visiting these, too.

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