Instagram Story Highlights Icons

Instagram Story Highlights Icons

Social media lovers across the globe are familiar with the name of Instagram. It is not just a photo and video sharing platform but now it has become the largest place to express yourself and share your feelings in the form of Instagram stories to your friends from all over the world. Instagram is owned by Facebook. It has more than 1 billion active users as of now.

Instagram’s popularity is largely attributed to its attractive and unique features. It has been seen that this social media giant is continuously updating itself and offering new features as per the interests of the new generation. One such feature is Instagram highlights or featured stories on Instagram.

About Instagram Story Highlights Icons

Instagram Story Highlights Icons
Instagram Story Highlights Icons

What is the Instagram story highlights?

Featured stories are nothing more than an option that allows you to set the Instagram stories that interest you most in your profile so that once they disappear from your stories after 24 hours they continue to appear on your profile.

How to create the Instagram story Highlights?

To create them you only have to click on the icon with the plus sign (New) of your profile, and add the Instagram stories that you like the most, so that you can keep your stories organized by themes and use cover icons (Highlight Icons) to represent each outstanding story, as well as add a name or icon, for example: fitness, clothing, health, etc…

In other words, they are a kind of albums with the stories you want to keep on your Instagram profile. Once created you can include images or videos, not necessarily of the stories, by pressing and holding the featured story you want to edit and click on “Edit featured story”. Now you will see the option to upload images from the story or from the photo reel (IOS) or image gallery(Android).

How to add your designs to Featured Instagram Stories Highlights?

You already designed your cover. You saved it on your phone or PC and now you have to locate it in your Instagram Highlight. It’s very simple!

Let’s see the steps:

step 1: Add your cover as an Instagram Story.

step 2: It proceeds to highlight the story that corresponds to the cover. You just press the heart icon labeled “highlight.”

step 3: Now you have the option to create a new Featured Story or select an existing one. What you are going to do is locate that cover image you have created in the option you choose.

step 4: If it is an existing Story, what you are going to do is update your cover. Once inside the Featured Story you want to update, you go to the “highlight” icon and then to the three points that appear in the lower right corner.

step 5: You have three options: edit cover, change the name of the Featured Story or delete those that you no longer want to be displayed.

step 6: Select “edit cover”, choose the design you have created and ready.

What are the characteristics of Instagram Highlights?

  • Before customizing, you have to know what the characteristics of this resource are. You already know that a story lasts for 24 hours. When you highlight a story, it will no longer be available only 24 hours but for as long as you want and you can assign a name to it.
  • But, attention! That name cannot be more than 15 characters. Even if you want your followers to see the full name, you should shorten it to approximately 10.
  • Some Highlights have to do with the manufacturing process and others with the photos of the products. Of course, some adjustments could be made to make them even better organized. But the idea of placing a name icon seems to be successful in a brand.
  • Usually, you need to add the name, but it will always depend on the brand and also the type of product. Everything artistic has greater permission around creative flight.

How to change the default icon of featured Instagram stories?

step 1: Since you have your design it is time to add it to the featured stories of your profile.

step 2: For this, you have to go to your profile and press and hold the icon of the featured stories you want to modify.

step 3: Click on edit featured story and then on edit cover. Choose the icon that appears from the image gallery and select yours. It’s ready!

Download Icons for Featured Instagram Stories for Free

If you do not have knowledge of vector editing programs such as Illustrator or Affinity Designer, it is best to resort to sites that allow you to download icons completely free of charge.

How to use the Instagram story Highlights Icons

  • Download Instagram Icons for Featured Stories from any of the many online web sources.
  • Save the images with the icons on your mobile.
  • Open Instagram and the camera story. Click on the gallery icon in the lower-left corner and select one of the images that I provide you.
  • Add a title with the text tool if you want (but make sure you don’t place it too close to the white circle so it won’t show on the cover later) and then load it into your story.
  • Now you can directly add it to a new or existing highlight and set it as a title image. You can zoom in or zoom out depending on whether or not you want to include the border of the circle.

Make Instagram Story Highlights Icons

If you are still a creative person, you have time and would like to create your own icons for outstanding Instagram stories. You will see how creating icons for Instagram is easy and very fun.

The exciting feature of Highlights calls to the user’s creativity and is a very nice tool to attract more and more of the user’s friends and followers towards your Insta stories.  As they last for more than 24 hours unlike other stories, you can put your most loved and most successful stories in Instagram Highlights or say in Instagram featured stories. You can feature icons carefully, download, or make icons as you wish and articulate your Insta stories and enhance the beauty of your Instagram highlights.

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