Inside Taxi services

Inside Taxi services

Taxi services are not new, and they are not since the arrival of the first car or since the automobile industry. Taxi is humanity’s finest service provided to date, going back to riding on the back of an animal to driving on four wheels.

From helping in transportation with the means of carriages to modern day taxis the way of traveling from an exact location to location as passenger requests.

I know that you are very much familiar with the modern day cabs. There were days when a man was heavily relying on animals and their strengths rather than the engines which we are fond of using it now.

Do not cringe at the fact that in the future of cab services we will witness driverless cabs which will pick and drop you at the place you require it to.

The 21st century has hit the humankind with various tech-savvy around, but I have a list of cab services which will take you back to past.

So here you go with different cab services around the world through different ages.

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There are different kinds of cab services ranging from one country to another, here has a look:

  • Hansoms:  Hansoms was originated in York(UK) by an architect named Joseph Hansom in 1834. It had two wheels attached to the single horse, making it faster and lighter.

Hansoms were initially used in cities of the United Kingdom but then, later on, spread to other European cities like Paris, Berlin, and St. Petersburg. In the late 19th century, hansoms made it to New York.

  • Hackney Carriages: Hackney carriages are horse-drawn for hire which began operating in Paris and London.

Although it first hit the roads in 1605, it only obtained its license in 1662. In the modern day, Hackney refers to a taxi where the passengers need not pre-book the cab. Hackney is very popularly known as “Black Cabs” in London.

  • Special Taxis: Taxis which offer benefits to people with special needs like providing wheelchair suitability with standard equipment ramp to access easily.
  • Luxury Cabs: Well, the elitist who cannot afford to drive in traffic often tends to choose these cabs. The passengers have a relaxing and convenient ride with these Luxury Cabs.

Limousines, Mercedes, and other Luxury Cars are used as luxury cars to give a high-caliber experience.

Well, these rides are not pocket-friendly, but you can give it a try. As these were only a few of the cab(taxi) services commonly used around the world, let me tell how these cab services operate:

There are two ways where the booking of a cab takes place, you can book a cab just by calling, or you can also book it with the help of an app or a website.

Calling is by far the easiest way to book a cab you have to call the person who is there to pick you up and drop off at the location you wish to. Well, this is not the case when you are taking a ride from a driver who you have scrolled through the directory of numbers.

The driver has completely no knowledge about the location asked to pick up. Since we are bound by technologies around as it has become easier for cab services to operate and earn some money.

All the driver needs are your GPS, and the rest is assured that the driver will reach your location.

smart features

It is all simple, and with an app, it makes it easier for both the passenger and the driver.

So if the taxi services are keeping you interested and would love to know more about how the cab services giants like Ola and Uber operate in India, tap on the link below.

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Take cue from the features I mention:

  • API driven: with this feature any vendor can develop modules for your business.
  • Vendor Panel: A vendor panel that allows car vendors to unload cars and manage things automatically.
  • Payment: You can accept payments from various payment options all within your app. The exciting part is that with Smart Car Tech you can also accept bitcoins.
  • Multi Car Operator Management: you can get onboard the operators from your locality which opens up the growth of the business.
  • Chat & Call: with this option, you can connect with the vendor by having a chat and also call.

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