How to Find Friends On Facebook by Location (step by step)

Find Friends on Facebook by Location

Find Friends On Facebook by City The Internet has transformed our planet into a global village. It has made our lives so easy. We have tech-devices like desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones which are always ready to help us like that Genie in the magical lamp, from the old story …

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How to Download Whatsapp For Nokia (Step by Step)

Download Whatsapp for Nokia

WhatsApp download for NOKIA Whatsapp is a messaging app used on various platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Mac OS, and other such. It is offered free on various app stores. It doesn’t charge you a penny for its services and just uses your internet data pack and lets you …

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Strikethrough in Google docs

How to do a Strikethrough in Google docs

Google Docs Strikethrough Google docs is a way modern incarnation of pen and paper systems in the modern-day offices. Here, you can create letters and other documents by using your computer keyboard instead of a traditional pen and paper. Google Docs is a word processor service by Google offered within …

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How to Find People On Instagram? (Simple Trick)

How to Find People on Instagram

How to Search People On Instagram Social media users across the globe know Instagram very well. This photo and video sharing site has rapidly formed user base in the last few years. More than a billion users use it to get connected with their friends and follow celebrities they love. …

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Which iPhone model do you have? Here where to look.

What iPhone do I have

How do You Find out What iPhone You Have Not sure which iPhone you have got? Here are simple steps to identify an Apple handset by using the model number or the information that is available in the settings app, or based on the physical design. Even the experienced users …

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