What is Slacker Radio & How to Use

Slacker Radio

Listening anywhere any kind of your favorite music with the help of the internet is now just an act of your fingertips. But users haven’t the same choice so as per genre you like music, such platform is always ready to provide such kinds of songs. Listening radio isn’t an old trend now it has a new form where uninterrupted music goes on while ‘Slacker’ is one of the best platforms for it.

But sometimes some users have just a rough idea about Slacker, but they don’t know how to use Slacker radio. This means they want to know the whole procedure about using this music platform information vividly then this article will guide them.

Doesn’t matter you are a new user or curious about getting to know the process of Slacker Radio usage, In both of these cases throughout the article information, will help you with the use of Slacker Radio.

What is Slacker Radio & How to Use

Slacker Radio
Slacker Radio

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What is Slacker Radio & Slacker Radio Service

  • Slacker Radio service has re-branded its application now by name as a LiveXLive. As in the year, 2017 Slacker was acquired by LiveXLive music platform, but now this service is powered by Slacker.
  • Slacker Android application is free to use, also with that they give service through three plans i.e LiveXLive Basic Radio, LiveXLive Radio plus, and LiveXLive Radio Premium.
  • Here LiveXLive Basic Radio plan is totally free while to get the benefits of the LiveXLive Radio Plus plan, users have to pay per month $3.99 subscription charges. Same like that, for the LiveXLive Radio Premium plan, users have to pay $9.99 subscription charges for the per month use.
  • You can use Slacker Radio service within 15 devices(Including some compatible operating systems) i.e Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Android Devices,iPhone, iPad, Ubuntu, etc.
  • As a user, you can do free registration on slacker with limited access.
  • More than 425 radio stations are available on Slacker Radio, among them, some are news stations, It means as per your choice you can get to listen to everything from them.
  • Slacker service was available mostly in the US and Canada countries, But through a mobile application, it is possible now to use Slacker in most of the countries of the world.

How to Use Slacker Radio?

Now let’s move towards our main point that as a user if you want to choose and Slacker Radio service then you have to follow the below-given steps –

  • download the first LiveXLive application on your mobile phone, here you don’t need to get confused between Slacker Radio and LiveXLive actually they have merged with each other since the year 2017.
  • After completion of the downloading process of the LiveXLive application, you have to do registration there as a user. It’s all free and there will be no hidden charges at all.
  • As we told earlier that Slacker offers three plans among them basic radio plan is free while to use other two plans need a subscription. So as per your preference, you can go with anyone suitable plan.
  • In some countries, there may be restrictions to use Slacker Radio, In this case, you can try VPN and through that, you have to get connect with a US server. In this way possibly you can get a solution to this issue.
  • Slacker Radio/LiveXLive supports your desktop PC for Windows, macOS operating systems so by going through this link – https://www.livexlive.com/ you can easily use Slacker Radio service.
  • Slacker Radio/LiveXLive supports Android, as well as iOS operating systems so into all the devices of these two operating systems Slacker Radio, works perfectly i.e Android smartphone, iPhone,iPad, iPod, etc. Simply you just need to download Slacker Radio/LiveXLive application.
  • You can get connect with Slacker Radio/LiveXLive via Twitter as well as Facebook, by login/sign in through your registered user ID.


Slacker/LiveXLive is a well-known music station where you can get live performance music shows, Nowadays video streaming is also available on this platform. So it is one place where users can get all kinds of music via Radio station as well as with genre. You can use Slacker/LiveXLive Radio on a free basis as well as by purchasing their available premium plans.

In this way you can use Slacker Radio/LiveXLive with the help of various devices and platforms, hope you have very well understood all of this given information. Share this information with others, so that it will beneficial for them. Thanks so much for being with us.

Frequently Asked Questions On Slacker Radio- FAQ.

  • Nowadays, what is the name of the Slacker Radio application?
    Ans: LiveXLive.
  • How much subscription charges need to pay to purchase Slacker Radio/LiveXLive Radio Plus plan per month?
    Ans: $3.99/Month.
  • Can I use Slacker Radio on my iPhone?
    Ans: Yes.
  • What are the monthly subscription charges for the Slacker Radio/LiveXLive Radio Premium plan?
    Ans: $9.99/Month.
  • Is it possible to use Slacker Radio with a free-of-cost service?
    Ans: Yes, But with limited access, you can use this service, Also you will face an interruption of ads during the use of the service. Here in free service, you will get audio quality at 128 kbit/s, with skipping of 6 songs per hour on every station.

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