How to upload a gif to Instagram Is it really possible? 100%

How to upload a gif to Instagram Is it really possible?

I’ve seen great pictures and videos of all kinds, but what you say gifs, I have not seen except for the stories and this led me to wonder if there is a way to know how to publish a gif on Instagram.

The gifs are those nice animations made with several photos that denote movement, they last about 3 to 5 seconds and are repeated to infinity.

The closest thing to a gif that you can post on Instagram is a boomerang, in this article about Instagram boomerang you can see how to use it in your account.

How to upload a gif to Instagram
How to upload a gif to Instagram

How to upload a gif to Instagram

In which you can learn everything you need to know to do boomerangs. These animations can be published in your stories or sent as direct.

What differentiates a boomerang from a gif is that the transition between the beginning and the end of the sequence is not abrupt but very subtle, what they call a loop effect. It is a video sequence of about 4 seconds that repeats to infinity.

In a gif can be used drawings, figures, photos, video sequences, offers more creative possibilities.

Instagram does not offer the possibility to make and upload gif, yet, so in order to share these publications, you must resort to third-party applications.

How to make a gif to upload a gif to Instagram

Maybe you are the expert in gifs, but for those of us who are more novices here, I will explain how to make more fun gif moving images that you can share with your Instagram followers and other social networks.

There are hundreds of applications for a wide variety of possibilities associated with publishing in social media: Cutting editing, effects, management, statistics analysis.

How to create a gif image with online programs to upload a gif to Instagram:

Gif Effect Maker

This free app for Windows phone users, allows you to add animated effects to your photos, add animations to texts, motion effects to your photo, animated frames, up to 37 different effects. A disadvantage? The application is in German, but this is nothing that you can not solve with Google translator.


This app is available for Android and Windows phone users, it will allow you to draw and place animations to your photos, the process you perform from frame to frame, you can configure the speed and add sounds.

Giphi Cam

Available for iOS and Android users, with this free application it is possible to create gifs from a photo or video sequences.

Gif Camera

Unlike other apps that I mentioned with which you can create a gif from content that you have in the gallery of your mobile, with this you can also create gifs live.

Once the application is installed, it is just entered, record and go.


This payment application for iOS users, convert your gif to video format so you can publish it directly from your reel to Instagram and other social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

GifLab also works like a camera with which you can make videos directly, apply effects and retouching before sharing with your followers as a gif.

You can also choose to download Instagram videos and upload them retouched as if they were gifs with more duration

How to upload gif to Instagram

All these apps work quite similar, take a photo of your gallery and you can apply dynamic effects of movement, light, focus, and blur, you can also choose to animate the frame, there are different formats and effects, a third option to modify your photos is to add text with and without animation effects.

In fact, I have tried several and the result has been the same, upload the publication but the photo is not animated and this is because the format of Instagram is photo and video.

Your photo with effects and animations of gif does not fit in any of the two formats, there lies the interesting thing of being able to publish a gif on Instagram.

The question is simple? can or not publish gif on Instagram?

And the answer is yes!


This site works to make gifs that you can share on your social networks, only with Instagram desktop version is not possible, so you must download the app on your mobile, it is available and free for all Android and Windows phone.

You have to enter this website:

Then it will only be about choosing the one you like the most from the infinite gallery that is constantly updating itself and adding new content and uploading it to Instagram, I’ve left you a mini video so you can see how to post a gif on Instagram in a matter of seconds:

Upload your gif images in motion to Instagram

But if what you want is to create your own gif with your photos, the process is a little bit longer.

Using the applications that I suggested before you can create your gif and then convert it to the video format, there are many online converters like:

You can also try the option of:

Gif Maker

It is not just another app to create gifs from a video or images from the gallery of your Android device. With Gif Maker, you can control the speed, cut and trim videos, collect up to 200 images, add stickers, color and more before sharing it on your favorite social networks.

With this free application for users of devices with Android, you can not only convert a sequence of your photos into a gif but directly convert it to video format to share the content on Instagram.

It is very intuitive and easy to use, it also allows you to add effects to your photos, texts, and stickers. You should only add enough images so that the video is not so short and reach the minimum of 4 seconds that the Instagram platform supports.

Here you can see the simple steps to upload a gif on Instagram using Gif Maker, you can use photos taken at the moment or make a short video; this time I used photos from the gallery.

The next thing is to add effects, it looks like Instagram filters, but there are several options with focus and blur, vignetting, contrast.

Once you have selected the photos or the video the next step is to manage the time, the icon of the clock in the second image allows you to adjust the speed of your gif.

Next, to the effects wand icon you will find the option to add a frame, then text and stickers or stickers.

In the upper right corner of the screen you will see two options: Share and save.

When you select to share, you can choose the social network in which you want to share your gif, I selected Instagram, and then it announces that you must convert your gif to video.

In the end, the option appears in the upper right corner of New publication, select there and your post will be uploaded on Instagram.

Now you know how to upload a gif to Instagram through an online program already created or your own creations.

If you found the information useful about How to upload a gif to Instagram, I would love it if you help me by sharing on your social networks to reach more incredible readers like you.

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