Remove a Page Break from a Word Document

How to remove page breaks in word

Microsoft Word is a popular software service created and developed by Microsoft. It comes in a package within Microsoft Office with several other software applications such as Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, OneNote.

It was released in late 1983 under the name Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Later, it was launched for Windows in 1989.

It is considered among the most efficient and most used Word processors to be used in office and at home. It is highly successful commercially and is widely used all over.

Microsoft Word is powered with many features and tools which enable a user to format the text in a document in a way he or she wants. A user can also format and adjust the document to get it printed as per wish.

One of the features in a Word document is a page break. A Page Break feature helps a printer to know from where a page ends and the next begins. When a user inserts a page break in the document, (usually done by using keyboard shortcut key “Ctrl+Enter” in MS Word) the cursor is moved to the next page and a specific symbol is shown at that place.

If you are editing a document and don’t think that the page breaks are needed in the document, you can go through the guidelines below which will help you to accomplish your goal.

There are two types of page breaks in MS Word. The first one comes automatically and cannot be removed by a user. The second one is added by a user and can be removed, too.

You might know how to insert a page break in any Word document to start the text from the next page. But for removing it from the page, you should go on with the procedure.

Remove Page Break Word

How to Remove Page Break in Word


How to Remove Page Break in Word

Follow the steps:

  • First, open the Word document.
  • Then, you have to go to Home and toggle the Show/Hide button and make the hidden marks visible. These options such as paragraph marker, spaces, nonbreaking spaces, and page breaks are kept hidden in the document. But as you will click on the button, you will see them.
  • You have to double click and select a Page Break. Then pressing the Delete button will remove it completely.
  • Again you have to click on the Show/Hide button to hide the format marks.
  • There is another way to do this. You have to place the cursor before the page break marker. Press the Delete key and it’s done.

Try the other method: 

  • Go to the Edit option on the menu bar and click Find and Replace option.
  • You will see the Find and Replace box from which you have to select the Replace section.
  • Click on the blank Find what box. After it, click More options.
  • The next thing is to click on is the box named Special. You will see a list of options which include Footnote Mark, Graphic, Manual Line Break, Manual Page Break, Nonbreaking Hyphen, etc. You have to select the Manual Page Break option from the list.
  • Leaving the Replace box as it is and clicking Replace All will finish your job. This will replace all the page breaks from the document with a blank space.

For the Automatic Page Break

  • As we know now, the automatic page break cannot be removed manually. So, is there any way to get rid of it? The answer is yes.
  • The steps below will show you how to adjust automatic page breaks:
  • Identify where you want to remove the page break from your document.
  • You have to go to the Layout (or Page Layout) and select the Paragraph dialogue box launcher there.
  • In the box, you have to select one or more options available on the Line and Page Breaks option. You will see the following options there.
  • When you will put a checkmark on Widow or Orphan option, Word will place a minimum of two lines of a paragraph at the top part or at the bottom part of that page.
  • (Note: Widow is the last line from a paragraph at the top of a page whereas Orphan is the first line which at the bottom of a page.)
  • The next option is to Keep with next which will help you preventing breaks between the paragraphs which you want to be kept together.
  • Keep lines together option prevents the page break occurring in the paragraph and will help to keep lines together.
  • Last option you will see there is Page break before which will help to add a page break before a particular paragraph and using this option, you can display it on a new page.

The above-mentioned procedures will help you to remove page breaks in Word. But note that you will be able to get rid of the page break added manually. On the other hand, the only adjustment can be done for the page break which is automatically there in Word document.

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