How To Open Sim – Micro SD Tray Of Your Smartphone

Today we are here to discuss the details on how we can open the sim- micro SD tray of our smartphones. We all know that the right tool is required for the task, and it is pretty much quick when you have what it needs.

Undoubtedly many of us have found yourself in the position of trying to open the SIM tray of your smartphone but did not have the right tool in your hand, which usually comes in the box of your smartphone and serves to eject the tray micro SIM or nano SIM and even the micro SD terminals like Ascend P6 from Huawei.

How To Open Sim- micro SD Tray Of Your Smartphone
How to remove sim card – micro SD without tool

How To Open Sim – Micro SD Tray Of Your Smartphone

People who already know about the tool generally takes out the Mac Gyver that is indie the box and ends up opening the tray without any problem. And for those who do not know the procedure, today we will discuss how to open the tray with the MacGyver.

A micro/nano SIM card tray has a small hole on the side that pushes a small lever/spring that makes the tray come out a few millimeters and can be extracted with your hands. Does not it sounds simple, and yes, it is simple.

The tool that manufacturers offer usually has a pointed and resistant part with a correct measurement to avoid damaging the system, but what do we do if we have to take out our card and we do not have that original tool? First of all, we would like to warn you that careless use could damage the tray system.

The clip, common “office” tool:

In the past, computer technology had an ideal partner who came along with the CD reading units and recorders and who have lived to this decline of the desktop PC, the clip.

With this small piece of metal with a cylindrical shape and easily manageable/malleable, sure that more than one has had some nightmare (I still remember the Office Assistant calling our CRT screen) and he has also been able to remove the CD / DVD tray when he has got stuck.

Nowadays it is also useful for small micro SIM trays of smartphones, both for smartphones and tablets:

How To Open Micro SD Tray Of Your Smartphone

Improvised tools to go:

We do not always have office material at hand and less now that we are in summer and if we have to walk out taking the card will have to improvise. As long as we do it very carefully, we can achieve our mission.

Not only is a clip worth to us, at that moment, any item with a sharp point can be our ally, read unsecured, pin, staple, or pendant.

Even if in a hurry, certainly more than one people have used a stick of wood, toothpicks, of round and after realizing that is thicker than necessary and that does not fit enough to press the mini – lever to slightly remove the tray has not ceased efforts. After a brief aesthetic operation of the toothpick, he has achieved his goal.

These are not the only tools to open it, and undoubtedly many of you have achieved the feat with other items that you had at hand: the ring of a keychain, the tip of a mechanical pencil (avoid taking the mine) /pilot/pen.

So these were the tools that we can use to open the Sim micro SD tray of your smartphones. The only thing that is required in the process is patience and correct tool. So try it at your home today.

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