How to Move Pictures to SD Card

How to Move Pictures to SD Card

I hope we wish that all the phones come with the Unlimited storage out of the box, but many Android phones have the option to expand the storage with the microSD cards. Not every phone supports a microSD card. The microSD card can give more space for your app data, for the music and movies, and of course for your photos.

While you may not be able to move all the applications to an external storing device then you can surely move the files, pictures, and videos. If you are looking for ways to free the space for other apps, this can be done by installing the microSD card.

This happens only when you take the benefits when you take time for setting up the device to take the extra advantage of the memory.

How to move the picture to SD card

How to Move Pictures to SD Card
How to Move Pictures to SD Card

How to Change Directories in the Camera App

The Camera application picks a spot to save the photos which are based on the available storage. In most phones, the default is typically the phone itself only. If the location is changed then the phone will work with a lot easier only after, if you install the microSD card.

This clearly ensures that any new photos which are taken will automatically store the data to the microSD card instead of the phone’s internal storage.

How to move Internal Storage to SD Card

  • Any Android device has its own file manager to store the files and this will help you access the images which you want to move.
  • Before moving the images to the SD card, you have to format it so it becomes usable.
  • From the Home Screen navigate through the apps, then click on the tools and then open the file manager.
  • Tap on the images.
  • Touch and Hold the picture till you don’t see the checkbox which appears on the left side of each selected item.
  • Now select an image that you want to move by checking the box beside or if you want to move all the images then check the box on the top side.
  • If you have already selected the images then tap more on the right upper corner.
  • Then choose whether you have to Move or Copy. Suppose you choose to move, then all the images will be moved or cut from the current location and move to the current new location which you have to choose. But if you choose to copy the image then the Android will create a copy of each image to the location you specify.
  • After that choose the SD card.
  • Go to the folder in which you want the image that is to be moved or copied.
  • Now, wait for the device to finish the moving of the images it depends on the number of the images, in that case, the time may vary.

How to Move the Pictures to SD Card using a Computer.

Suppose the user is not using the file manager of the phone, then the user has connected the device to the computer. In this method, you will get access to the picture and you can simply drag and drop them to the new location.

The Steps for Moving the Pictures to SD card using a Computer are the following.

  • Connect the phone to the computer using the original cable. Most Android phones can detect and recognized by the computer without having to install the drivers.
  • After connecting the computer, the system will prompt you to choose the connection type, select the Media device.
  • Then on the computer open the File Explorer.
  • Click on the Phone’s name.
  • Then double click on the internal storage.
  • Select the DCIM folder. This is the folder where the pictures and videos are stored.
  • Double click the “Camera” folder.
  • Now select the photos you want to transfer and then right-click on the selected photos and choose Copy.
  • Now click on the Android phone name again and click on the SD card.
  • Go to the folder where you want to move the pictures or create a new.
  • Then Right-click on the folder and click the paste or press Ctrl+V.
  • wait until the computer finishes moving the files.

And once the transfer is complete, then disconnect your phone from the computer. Now you can access the picture from the SD card using Gallery or  Photos.

These two methods are the easiest one to do, as far as moving the picture to the SD card is concerned.

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