How to hide/unhide Whatsapp contacts (Simple Methods)

How to hide Whatsapp contacts

WhatsApp is one of the best known messaging applications owned by Facebook which has been started as an alternative to SMS. But now it lets users send and receive a range of media, including texts, pictures, videos, documents, location, and voice calls as well. Whatsapp messages and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption, which means that no third party can read or listen to them including WhatsApp. It allows people to communicate worldwide without obstacles.

How to hide Whatsapp contacts
How to hide Whatsapp contacts

How to hide Whatsapp contacts

The power of WhatsApp is still underused, although it is the most common chat platform in the world. From the person, you chat with the most to building shortcuts for conversations.

WhatsApp allows its users to hide WhatsApp group photos and gallery clips; Hide particular contacts from viewing your story; Read messages without being given away by Blue Ticks, erase messages after you have received them; read messages that have been removed on WhatsApp; auto-answer WhatsApp messages, Delete images or videos from a particular WhatsApp group or contact.

Apart from this, Whatsapp provides its user’s fingerprint lock features, schedule WhatsApp messages feature, Pin conversation feature and Hide Whatsapp contacts, People with those you’ve spoken to recently come closer to the top of your WhatsApp chat list. When you do not want a specific conversation to be available, You can Hide it as an “archive”.

People you talked about recently are closer to the top of your WhatsApp chat list. You can hide it as “Archive” if you don’t want a particular conversation to appear.

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Sometimes, you may need to hide contacts to keep the privacy of your chat and when your personal and private chats are not comfortable to be shown to others. Yet WhatsApp chats are encrypted from end-to-end. This means that only you and the person you chat with can read your chats and no one in the meantime can read them.

However, if you have an intrusive friend or you live in a home with loads of relatives it will probably not help because your mobile can be reached physically. Obviously, the best way to protect your chats is to lock your phone. App locks will lock the applications you like.

But, if you are too lazy to do a telephone locking system or mobile locker for one WhatsApp chat, this is something for you. WhatsApp offers you an alternative without deleting your conversation. This means that when you feel like, you can keep your personal chats safe and read. You don’t have to delete it. Interestingly, both community chats and personal chats are able to do so.

Whatsapp offers the Archive chats feature. With the help of this feature, you can hide a conversation from your Chats screen from the WhatsApp and access it later, as needed. Both groups or individual chats can be archived. You can’t delete or back it up from your SD card by using Archive Chat. The chats are stored in a separate folder in the WhatsApp at the bottom of the browser. Note that if you get a new whatsapp message from that conversation, archived chats will reappear.

Steps to hide Whatsapp contacts on iPhone

If you want to use this “Archive” feature to hide your WhatsApp contacts on iPhone, follow the instructions which are mentioned below-

⦁ In the first step, you have to open WhatsApp Messenger.
⦁ Secondly, you just have to press on the “Chats” button to open your Chats page.
⦁ Now coming to the third step, what you have to do is just Swipe left on a chat.
⦁ In the forth and the last step, you have to tap on the “Archive” tab. This will eliminate the contact from your list of chats. This

contact is available whenever you want it in your Chats Archived tab.

In case, You want to access your Archived Chats, Swipe down on your Chats page.

Steps to hide Whatsapp contacts on Android

If you want to use this “Archive” feature to hide your WhatsApp contacts on your Android device, follow the instructions given below-

⦁ First of all, you need to open WhatsApp Messenger on your Android device.
⦁ After opening the WhatsApp application, what you have to do is select any conversation which you wish to hide.
⦁ In the third step, You just need to tap and hold onto a chat. The conversation will be highlighted on your chat page, and the check-

Mark will appear next to the highlighted chat.

⦁ Now, in the fourth step, what you have to do is just press the “Archive” button ( that is a box icon with a downward-facing arrow )on the top-right corner of your screen.

You have now archived your chat and it will not appear on your chats screen. You can see your archived chats by Scrolling down the chat page and You can also access your chat whenever you choose to in your Archived Chats folder.

To unhide a WhatsApp chat:

If you want to unhide your WhatsApp contact, follow the instructions given below-

⦁ Firstly, What you have to do is just scroll to the bottom of the Chats screen.
⦁ Secondly, you need to tap on Archived chats.
⦁ In the third step, just press and hold the chat that you want to unarchive.
⦁ Now, in the last step, you have to select the Unarchive icon that is on the top bar of the screen.

now You have unarchived your chat and it will again appear on your chats screen.

More About WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a mobile app but it is also available from desktop computers as long as a user’s mobile app is connected to the Internet. The service requires users to provide a default Smartphone Cell Number for authentication. WhatsApp users are required to provide the standard mobile cellular number for registering with the service.

WhatsApp was founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton, who has been at Yahoo for twenty years. In 2014, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook, but it remains a separate laser-oriented program to create a messaging service that works quickly and trustworthily everywhere in the world.

It was the most popular messaging app in the world by 2015, and by February 2018 it had more than 1,5 billion users worldwide. It has become the primary means of communication in several nations, including India, Brazil, France, Spain Pakistan, major parts of Europe United Kingdom.

A large number of new users join Whatsapp Every day. The messaging platform owned by Facebook constantly adds features and keeps the app updated to make the overall user experience simpler. All features of WhatsApp are, however, unknown and certain important features remain underused or hidden.

So, In this article, we have explained how to hide and unhide contacts in Whatsapp. Hopefully, by using this step, you can easily hide and unhide Whatsapp contacts.

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