How to Forget WiFi Network on Mac

How to forget a WiFi network on your Mac, so your computer stops automatically connecting to it

Do you know that Mac’s ability to remember the past wireless connections, especially if you are an intensive traveler regularly, it will add up to quite a long scroll pretty quickly? Just imagine every new  WiFi login at the railway station, airport, restaurant hotel and many more. A good thing is that all WiFi credentials are stored in Apple Keychain, which then makes them available on the iPhone and iPad through iCloud.

If you take your Mac everywhere with you, there is a good chance that it has connected to a number of private and public WiFi networks.
These networks are remembered by macOS so that in the event that your Mac encounters one of them again, it can connect to it automatically and you won’t have to manually select it or enter the password.

If you want, you can edit this list of preferred networks that your Mac keeps and change individual network connection settings. Whether you want to remove redundant networks or just forget a specific one, the following steps guide you through the process.

How to Forget WiFi Network on Mac

How to Forget WiFi Network on Mac


Why forget a network on Mac

  • Contrary what would you normally expect, lots of people search for how to forget the network on Mac, as automatically connecting to the networks sometimes create more problems.
  • You have used neighbor’s WiFi during dinner and your Mac keeps connecting to their network even when you’re back home.
  • You want to automatically connect to another network in your building.
  • You might be interested in how to delete network on Mac when the user has a time with the regular WiFi and want to reset it.
  • You would have accidentally connected the wrong open network or public WiFi, which is not ideal for online banking because of a private matter.
  • You may intend to clean the log to keep it clean.
  • If you have decided to forget the WiFi network on Mac then the process is easy.

How to Forget a WiFi Network on Mac :

If joining to any WiFi every time it’s in the range is bothering you, just forget the network on Mac with few steps:

  • This is how you can forget (delete) the WiFi network on Mac.
  • Click on the WiFi icon which is in the menu bar, open the network preferences.
  • In that select the WiFi and click on the advanced.
  • Now Scroll down through preferred networks to find the one you no longer want to auto-join.
  • Select the network-click the minus button below to forget a network on MacBook.
  •  Repeat for every network you’d like to delete or highlight a few to remove at once.


Forget a WiFi network on Mac with CleanMyMac

  • The user has to download CleanMyMac.
  • then click on the Privacy.
  • The many things it will scan is for the WiFi networks that are stored on the Mac.
  • The user can use this to delete any data that is cookies, web browser history and the cache that Mac to retain.

CleanMyMac x, as the name suggests, can do whole things more than adjusting and delete the WiFi setting. People all around the world are using it to improve the performance of their Mac. Users can do more with this application than the user can easily or safely within macOS settings. This is invaluable for getting under the hood tidying a Mac up which clear the junk out and settings that are needed anymore, and making a Mac perform as good a new.

Once you get your MacBook to forget the network, you will no longer get connected to them, unless you do so manually. Your iCloud Keychain will be updated so the change will affect all the devices that sync to the same iCloud account.

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