How to Find People On Instagram? (Simple Trick)

How to Search People On Instagram

Social media users across the globe know Instagram very well. This photo and video sharing site has rapidly formed user base in the last few years. More than a billion users use it to get connected with their friends and follow celebrities they love. If you are here and reading this article, you probably have an account on it or are going to create one soon. Instagram offers not only features to get connected with friends and People but to find and make new friends. Just like its parent company Facebook, another social media giant, does.

You can enjoy Instagram stories and search Instagram users by name. It has a wide platform of accounts of celebrities from sports, movies, TV world who regularly share their happenings in life with their fans and you can watch their Insta stories by following them.

The success of Instagram has been totally over the last few years and far from leaving unless it continues to be the most used social platform by people of all ages. In fact, it is rare that anyone, especially among the younger public, does not have an account on this social network.

Although the vast majority of people familiar with the platform will know how to search for other people on the social network, for others it may not be so, so we will explain below what you have to do to find that user who you want within the social network.

How to Find People On Instagram?

How to Find People on Instagram
How to Find People On Instagram

How to search for a person on Instagram?

First of all, if you want to know how to search for people on Instagram,  you must start by accessing the application on your smartphone and then entering your Instagram user account. At the bottom of the screen, you will find different icons, you just have to click on the magnifying glass symbol

Once you have clicked on the magnifying glass icon, you will access an Instagram search section, where you must write at the top of the name of the person you want to search on the social network. Once you start writing it, you will see how the application itself will carry out the search at the moment and will show you various results.

At the top, you will find different menus among which is the “People” option, in which you must click if you want to filter the results of user accounts. Instagram will show you, in this case, all the results that correspond to the person you are looking for.

This is a simple process to search for a person on Instagram, although it has a limitation and it is the case that the person you are looking for is not using their real name. If you can’t find a person on Instagram looking for them using this method, you can do so through the contacts section.

You can also find your friends on Instagram with the use of your phone book contacts. Do you want to know how to find Instagram friends by phone contacts? Here is the way…

How to Find someone On Instagram by Phone Number

If you want to know how to search for people on Instagram,  you have an alternative, which is to use your contacts, which is perhaps the fastest way to find all those people you have in your phone book and very useful if you have just created a New Instagram account where you want to quickly add everyone you know to the platform.

When the application associated with Instagram is found and the contacts, you can use the phonebook to quickly find those people whose phone number corresponds to an account on the platform, so that you can find those people who use a name that It is not real or you could not find it with the above method.

The only thing you must do to be able to search for people through this method is to go to your Instagram profile and click on the icon with the three stripes that appears in the upper right of the user profile. This will open the usual side menu, where you must locate the Discover People option. Click on it and a new section will open, where you can connect to Facebook, see the suggestions tab or use  Contacts, which is the option that interests us

If you select the Contacts section,  you will see how all the contacts that you have in your phone’s agenda and that have an Instagram account are shown on the screen, being able to choose one by one those that you want to follow or, if you prefer, you can click on  Follow all at once to follow all your contacts who have an account on the social network.

In the event that you want to search for Facebook contacts on Instagram, you must select the Facebook option and activate it, an option that will only appear if you have not synchronized your Facebook contacts at the time you created your Instagram account. This will show you all the results of your Facebook friends who have an Instagram account.

Also, in  Suggestions, you can find all the recommendations of people that Instagram suggests to you and that are based on people you may know from the contacts you have, Facebook friends, and others in your environment. In this way, as you can see, if you want to know how to search for people on Instagram,  from the platform itself they offer us different options, so that you can choose the one that most interests you at all times.

However, the most common is to try to find a particular person first by searching by name in the app’s search tool, although it is not always effective, as we have mentioned, so if you have that person in your phone book or Facebook friends, it will be easy for you to find them on the platform if this person is sure that they have Instagram.

In this way, once located, you can follow that person or send them a follow-up request if that person has a private profile.

How to Find Facebook Friends on Instagram?

Instagram used to allow you to search for friends from your Facebook contacts in settings after connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook account. This feature is no longer supported.

Some people have been successful in installing an older version of the Instagram app to access this feature, but we don’t suggest you try it. Instead, try searching for your friends by name, or share your Instagram id tag on Facebook and invite your friends to follow you.

As we said earlier, Instagram is owned by Facebook. You may have lots of friends on FB. Keep reading to know how to make new friends on Instagram just as you do on Facebook

How to make friends on Instagram?

See who your friends are following! Your friends are likely to like some of the same things that you do, so they will follow people that you would like too. Clicking on the following friend lists is an easy way to find new people.

See who your followers are following! Similar to looking at people your friends follow, people who follow you probably follow other people who have a style or niche similar to yours. This is another easy way to find new potential friends on Instagram.

To sum it up About How to Find People On Instagram

Now you know well how to search Instagram users by name as well as by contacts, FB account, etc. We have suggested how to make new friends on Instagram. Instagram also offers many interesting features which you will surely love if you are creating an account on it. I hope, this article will be useful to you. Stay connected with your loved ones. Enjoy Instagram!

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