How would you delete or deactivate a Facebook Account?

How to delete a Facebook Account

First of all, there two different ways to get offline from your account.

  • The first option is to deactivate which means for some time you can get deactivated from your Facebook.
  • People are unable to view your timeline or search for you.
  • The messages sent by you may remain visible (some of the information).
  • Your friend’s list and other data will be saved if u suppose reactivate after some time in the future.
  • But in the deleting account may occur a serious subject. Suppose if one deletes He/Her  Facebook account.
  • There may be a delay in the deletion of the account you had requested, in case you log again into the account by mistake during the grace period, the deletion of the account will be canceled.
  • Once you delete your Facebook account you won’t be able to use it again.
  • There will be some data in the backup system which takes time to get deleted but you won’t be able to access the data.
  • Log records may remain in the Facebook database.
  • After looking at both the option the basically, deactivating is the best way to keep away from your Facebook account.

How would you delete or deactivate a Facebook Account?

How to delete a Facebook Account
How to delete a Facebook Account

The steps for deactivating the Facebook Account are as follows:

  • Go to the top right of the Facebook page.
  • Then select the option “setting”.
  • Then choose the “General” tab in the left column.
  • From there click on “Manage your account”.
  • from there click on the option “Deactivate your Account” then follow steps to confirm your decision.

How to delete your Facebook Account

Before deleting your Facebook Account, Please confirm whether you are serious about to delete the account

Whether you like or not, Social media is very much gained his root in our society, because you can always secure your account privacy in the setting if your concern about the account. You may miss your friend’s messages and also those who are from abroad and events. But if you are seriously quitting the Social Media platform, then before that please download your Facebook data.

follow these steps:

  • Click at the top right of the Facebook page in your browser.
  • Then at the bottom of the general account setting click on the download a copy of your Facebook data.
  • Then choose or click on Start on Archive.
  • How to manage your other Facebook data.

If you think that after deleting Facebook account everything clear now, that is a mistaken part because Facebook never removes you completely from its clutches. That because the coding of  Facebook is written into nearly every website and Facebook can track your web usage in this way. But you can get control over it by just visiting the option “Clear History” feature that dislocates data from your Facebook Profile.

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