How to cancel Blue Apron?

Blue Apron is an American company that provides semi-cooked food as well as food recipes to the customers which are also called Meal Kit Service.

The Kit contains mainly the ingredient and the suggested recipes that should be cooked by the customers using the previously -ordered ingredient.

Blue Apron was founded in the year of August 2012.  It was co-founded by Matt Salzberg, Ilia Papas, and Matt Wadiak. They started to send the Meal Kit to the customers in 2012.

Combining the user’s convenience for food delivery with the sanctification of preparing your own meal, subscribers receive the food package containing a recipe and all the ingredients which the user needs to make the food.

How to cancel Blue Apron

Blue Apron Is Food Organization
Blue Apron Is Food Organization

How to cancel Blue Apron?

If the user wants to cancel his/her account, then have to contact the Customer Experience team at [email protected] and they will send a mail with the instructions on how to complete the process to cancellations.

Please have a note that any orders which are showing as “Ordered Processed” or Shipped on the user’s page have been already been processed and that can’t be canceled, all the expenses have to be paid by the users itself for the product which has been already dispatched or processed.

If you have decided that you’re not going to activate the Blue Apron again then you are going to completely close your account with them.

The user can also cancel the Blue Apron by Phone :

Contact customer service at 1-888-278-4349.

Then let the representative know that you would like to cancel.

Cancellations through the Online Portal :

Follow the online steps to cancel.

Visit the Website

More in about Blue Apron

Why it is named Blue Apron?

It’s the homage to all the Chef’s which are around the world. The Chef’s always worn the Blue Apron while they are learning how to cook. Nowadays, the Blue Apron is the Symbolic of being the life long learning related to the cooking.

Blue Apron is one of the services that seek to take the work out of feeding yourself. When the user gets registered with the company they send the user a series of recipes and the ingredient to make a dish.

Blue Apron is a great website, having a good quality of marketing strategy and a caring person. But the problem is that it falls for the practices like other’s do it none other subscription services by making it difficult to cancel.

The Term and Condition of Blue Apron have already described that if the user has to quit, he/she has to mail to the company and they will reply for further instructions.

How do you create the account on Blue Apron?

First of all, Visit the Homepage of the Blue Apron. Then on the right corner of the page, click on the login option. Then enter your email and password then click on the Blue Login button.

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