How to block Crunchyroll ads

How to get Adblock on Crunchyroll

World widely anime lovers number is very high and every time they are excited to watch their favorite anime series and movies. Some specific anime videos platform provides an awesome collection of anime series and movies, Among those one of the best platform is Crunchyroll.

On Crunchyroll, anyone can watch their favorite anime series and movies totally free of cost, But the major issue users are facing on the streaming base platform is about toads, It’s really annoying and wasting of time during video streaming.

How to block Crunchyroll ads

In this article you will get some best method how to block ads in crunchyroll during the streaming so that you can watch programs and movies by relax way.

  • Block ads on windows

If you are a windows user and you want to block Crunchyroll ads so some basic steps you have to follow as given below.

  1. AdLock is the best application which is available based on 14 days trial period, it’s very convenient to install and use also it’s totally free to use no hidden charges applicable within the application. So at first, you have to download this application on your windows system.
  2. After finished downloading, Open AdLock as it’s supportive to your system so you can stream Crunchyroll via any browser because AdLock blocks ads by its way. And Your streaming will be relaxed with no ads.

This is the simple way to block ads on windows system.

  • Block ads on Google Chrome.

Chrome is the most popular browser which is available on almost all platforms like Windows, Android etc, Here you will get a basic idea about to block ads
within a chrome browser by doing some changes in chrome settings in this way you will be able to watch ads free Crunchyroll videos, You just need to follow the below-given steps. This Chrome setting is the same for PC and mobile device

  1. Open chrome browser, On the Chrome browser home page at the top of the right-hand side, you will see three dots. You need to click or tap on it, there will be a list of multiple options.
  2. Among those multiple options you have to choose the ‘Settings’ option then next you have to choose the ‘site settings’ option, you will be entered in the site settings option then scroll down and you will get the ‘Ads’ option within it.
  3. Click or tap on the ads option, Here you will see ads permission has turned on, You have to turn off that.
  4. Now you can visit on Crunchyroll site and watch your favorite videos without ads

Its very easy and reliable method to block annoying ads on crunchyroll, You must try it once.

  • Block ads on iPhone or iPad

If iOS users want to watch Crunchyroll videos without interruption of ads, Then you have to follow below given informative steps.

  1. At first iOS users should be download and install the AdGuard app on their iOS device.
  2. All iOS users should be understood here, AdGuard app is working on iOS through Safari browser only so whenever you will open AdGaurd first time you will see a ‘Protection is disabled’ notification within it.
  3. iOS permission is essential to work this app, you need to go on the main menu page and tap on the ‘Settings’ option then you have to choose the ‘Safari’ option
  4. In the safari option you will see a list of multiple options among that you need to choose the ‘Content Blockers’ option tap on that, you will be entered into the content blockers list, Here you will see multiple options to block like as general, social, security, etc so choose which ones you want to block.
  5. After done everything, Your AdGaurd protection will be enabled, You need to simply start browsing Crunchyroll via safari browser, Now you can watch your Crunchyroll videos without ads

Try this method for iPhone and iPad and make your crunchyroll entertainment without annoying.

  • Ad Block Plus

For all android users, Ad Block Plus is a great ad blocking app which works as a browser on the device. This browser is very convenient to use which works speedily as well as has a nice interface within it, Some below-given steps you should follow to watch annoying ads-free Crunchyroll videos.

  1. You need to download and install Ad Block Plus on your device from the Android store.
  2. Open Ad Block Plus, You will see three-dot at the top of the right side within it. Tap on that dot and ‘Settings’ option you will get, choose that and go ahead. Next, you can see a list of multiple options among those all options you need to choose the ‘Ad Blocking’ option, Tap on it.
  3. You will be entered into the ad blocking option, now you will get ‘More blocking options’ you have to tap on it and choose all segments within it. In this way, you are blocking ads
  4. After doing everything you need to visit Crunchyroll sites by Ad Block Plus browser and you can watch now all your favorite anime videos without ads.

These are the various methods with the use of them you can easily watch your favorite anime shows and movies on Crunchyroll without ads. Hope you have understood this information very well as well as you will try this method and make your entertainment time more enjoyable without waste of time interrupting ads.

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