How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap

How Much Points You Earn Per Snap

Generally Instant messenger gives you freeness about to chat or talk with other people, but some instant messengers have decorated their platform by adding there exciting tasks. Snapchat is the best instant messenger where users have many more options to spend quality time over there, while with doing some easy and funful tasks you can earn some points also there. Now it is important thing to get know how much does your snap score go up per snap?

Usually Snapchat offers points for their users to complete different types of task, but specifically if you want to know points for sending and receiving snap then this article information will provide you helpful detailed about that.

You will also get introduce here like how can you get your snap score up means which important things you will need to do, so that your Snapchat score can increase over here.

How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap

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How Much Does Your Snap Score Go Up Per Snap

Every time when some new users look towards the Snap score of their friends on their profile, that time they may think like how can they earn points and up their snap score. While many users are confused about points earning like for every snap sending and receiving how much they earn points.

Here you need to know that for every snap sending and receiving, you earn one points behind that activity on Snapchat. Means as much snap you go to send and receive that much points will add in your account.

Apart from that Snapchat offers points for some other activities too like for story posting and viewing, new friends adding as well as for keep maintain snap streak there are points offered for users. Next you will get to know more about it like how can users up their Snap score and what are the basic activities through that Snap score increase fastly.

How to Increase Snap Score

If you have seen your friends snap score is very much high and now want to reach to that score or you wish to increase your score more than his/her score then you will need to do some funful basic activities which can help you about it. Lets see how to increase Snap score with the help of below given simple activities.

1. Snap Sending and Receiving

As we all knows, Though Snapchat is a instant messenger platform but here people sending and receiving snap to each other more than doing chat.

Now if someone sending 50 photos on daily basis to their friends while as a reply if they receive 40 snaps from their friends in that case that every snaps will gives them points for that activity.

Means if you wish you to increase your snap score so fastly then you on daily basis you will need to spend some minutes or hours time over Snapchat, while in that time if you send or receive snap that will helpful for you to increase your snap score.

2. Story Posting

Nowadays on most of the social media platform you get option about to share your story. Story posting is a much interesting and funful task where you can post favorite video etc in to that.

Here on Snapchat you can earn points for story posting while it can helps you to increase your snap score.

3. Consistency In Snapchat Usage.

If you visit to Snapchat on daily basis while if you are doing that continuously for some months or for a year, then it shows your consistency as a user for using Snapchat.

Snapchat offers some points for such users who use their platform for some months or years consistently. While points which earn through this process can help you to increase your snap score.

4. Snapchat Streak.

On Snapchat you can earn good points to keep maintain your Snapchat streak. If you keep up streak over Snapchat then it will gives you good points while in this way your snap score can goes high.

Every time when you open other peoples snap that also gives you some points, so when you do such kinds of activities on Snapchat that can help you every time about to increase score there.

5. Coming Back Bonus Points.

When next day user go to visit on Snapchat that time this instant messenger offers some points to their users, it is called as coming back bonus points.

In this way Snapchat tries to motivate their users about to use this beautiful instant messenger more and do their various types of activities. Such type of bonus points helps to users to increase their snap score.

So someone who wish to increase their snap score, all of them should visit on Snapchat at least for few minutes on daily basis, so that they will receive coming back bonus points from Snapchat.

6. Adding Friends on Snapchat.

If you are a new user then you may try or think to connect with more people on Snapchat. You may don’t know but Snapchat offers some points for as many people you are adding in your Snapchat friend list.

So every time when you add new person in your Snapchat friend list that will gives you some points for that activity. In this way not only you will get connect with many more people but also you will earn also some points here on Snapchat.

This is another one great way through that you can increase your snap score, while to every new friend you can start sending snap and in return you will receive snap from them.

All the above given activities are so simple and more interesting through that you can not only enhance your user experience on Snapchat but also you will able to increase your snap score.

Snapchat offers trophy rewards to that users who makes high snap score there, while such trophy rewards available in the form of emoji.


You can earn points on Snapchat for doing different kinds of task, but in case if you want to know like how much points you can get for snap sending or receiving then here you will get to know about that in to this article.

In this you have read all the essential and important information about snap score, like how much does your snap score go up per snap with some easy task for that you receive some points on Snapchat. Also by simple way you got detailed information about to increase your snap score. Hope you have well understood this information, try to share it with other people. Thanks for being with us

Frequently asked Quiz questions about snap score go up per snap- FAQ.

  • How to get your snap score up?
    Ans: You can up your snap score by doing some simple activities there like by adding friends, sending and receiving snaps, story posting, keep maintaining snap streak, earning coming back bonus, consistency in Snapchat usage etc.
  • How much points does Snapchat offers for their users per snap to send?
    Ans: 1 point.
  • Behind to receive per snap, does how much points users get on Snapchat?
    Ans: 1 Point.
  • Does users get points to add friends on Snapchat?
    Ans: Yes.
  • In which form Snapchat users receive rewards?
    Ans: Emoji.

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