How Much Data Does Siriusxm Use

How Much Data Does Siriusxm Use

Nowadays before streaming video or audio content on the online platform, big questions arise in users’ minds about actual statistics of data consumption. When things are related to audio content that time data goes to consume so much low as compared to video content.

But live streaming is one kind of fear for some users due to not proper idea about data utilization. SiriusXM is an online music service that provides music by satellite and online radio service for its users.

If you are a user of Siriusxm where many times you prefer to listen to music by online streaming and questions are in your mind about data consumption over there then this article will be so helpful for you.

You can read here about all the important parameters by which you can get to understand exact and actual data consumption on SiriusXM. Somewhere this information will make you aware of data usage while you can manage your internet data according to that.

How Much Data Does Siriusxm Use

How Much Data Does Siriusxm Use
How Much Data Does Siriusxm Use

Main Content:

  1. Parameters On Which Data consumption Depends.
  2. Statistics of Actual Data Consumption over SiriusXM.
  3. Conclusion.
  4. FAQ.

Parameters On Which Data consumption Depends.

  • Streaming Music Quality
  • Service Span
  • Data Service Type

1. Streaming Music Quality:

By what quality you stream music online on Siriusxm will decide data consumption over this platform. The most recommended premium music quality is available on SiriusXM is 256 kbps, while another bit rate is 64 kbps and so on. So whatever quality you prefer to stream music there is that much data you will have to spend over there.

2. Service Span:

It is one of the important parameters which affect data spending. Even time span has a vital role to decide data usage on SiriusXM. For how many minutes, Hours you are using Siriusxm that much internet data you will spend over there.

3. Data Service Type:

Some users did not prefer to use all the time internet data by their mobile data plans because they have the option to switch data sources to Wi-Fi. Now in this scenario, if you are a user who use sometimes data by mobile data plan and some other time by wi-fi that time there will be a high chance to spend low data on SiriusXM. Here data service type is one of the main parameters in the list of data consumption responsible parameters.

Statistics of Actual Data Consumption over SiriusXM.

As we discussed earlier two streaming bit rates on Siriusxm i.e 64 kbps and 256 kbps, here let’s see the actual data consumption statistics about that music quality.

  •  If you stream SiriusXM music by 64 kbps then you will spend 8 kb/s, which means for one-minute usage you will spend 480 kb/minute. If you are streaming non-stop one-hour music by that bit rate quality then here you will spend 28 MB/Hour. For 5 hours by 64 kbps, you will spend 140 MB of data. If you want to use day one-hour Siriusxm for one month that time you will need to spend 840 MB of data for the whole month of usage.
  • Now let’s move towards 256 kbps, by this bit rate you will spend 32 kb/s while for 1-minute usage you will spend 2 MB approximately. For one hour you will have to spend 115 MB/Hour whereas for 5 hours you will need to spend 575 MB. If you prefer to use per day 5 hours Siriusxm by bit rate 256 kbps for the whole month then such time you will need to spend 17 GB data per month. Now as per the given above statistics you calculate per hour data usage on Siriusxm while according to that you can calculate per month data usage if you know per day service usage span. If you are a user who uses totally data from a mobile internet data plan then these statistics can be so much helpful for you.


Data consumption on Siriusxm depends on some parameters like streaming music quality, Service span, and data service type. If you are aware of such kinds of parameters then you can calculate exact and actual data consumption over SiriusXM. As per the given statistics in this information, you will surely be able to calculate data consumption next time on SiriusXM.

In this way we have discussed statistics and parameters related to Siriusxm, all the given statistics are enough to clear your doubts about data utilization on SiriusXM.

Hope you have understood this information very well and somewhere it will be beneficial for you. Try to share this information with others, Thanks for being with us…

Frequently Asked Questions on Data Use on Siriusxm – FAQ.

  • Can we calculate data usage statistics for Siriusxm?
    Ans: Yes.
  • How much data consume Siriusxm per minute by 64 kbps?
    Ans: 480 kb/Minute.
  • By 256 kbps music quality, How much data consume Siriusxm per minute?
    Ans: 2 MB.
  •  Per day if 4-hour streaming usage goes on Siriusxm by 64 kbps music quality, Then how much data will spend there?
    Ans: 3 GB
  • What are the main parameters which are responsible for data consumption on SiriusXM?
    Ans: Music Streaming Quality, Service Span, and Data Service Type.

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