Guide To Check Before Buying SmartWatch

Buying an electronics product is not an easy task. There is a lot of things you need to take care of while you are buying a product.

When this comes to smartwatch it is not that easy for any of us. Here we have brought a buying guide for a smartwatch which will help you out and make easy when you make up your mind to buy a smartwatch.

There are many types of smartwatch available in the market like Fitness smartwatch, Heart Rate Tracker, Stand alone smartwatch, and Android Wear.

First, you need to clear your mind that what kind of smartwatch you need. After that here are some of the important things you need to consider while you are buying a smartwatch.

Style & Display

The first thing you need to consider is what style and design you are looking for. There are many style and display available like Round or rectangle, Rubber strap or Metal Chain Strap.

Well if you are looking for a daily wear then Rubber strap would be best because it hold the watch more tight and also sweat proof as well. Come on display there are many type for example E-Paper, Amoled, LED as well.

Pebble, or fitbit offers the E-paper because of less power consumption.  Well in other terms if you want more interaction with your smartwatch then go with the AMOLED and LED display.

Operating System

If you want a hell lot of functionality then you must go with the watch have the Android Wear. Not all but there are a very few smartwatches like Moto, Samsung, TickWatch, Asus smartwatches have the Android Wear 2.0 as Smartwatch OS.

But apart from them Fitbit, Pebble, Xiaomi runs on their custom made OS and offer a good response. But must say that Android Wear 2.0 performed nice to compare with others.


Talking about the notification is like features, the watch you are buying must be sync with your smartphone and let you know all your notification on your wrist.

Make sure that you will receive all the notification like Calls, Message, WhatsApp, Facebook, Reminder and others as well on your wrist.

Well if your watch is running on the Android Wear 2.0 then you can also replay to these notifications through Google Assistance. So here it comes another advantage of Operating System.


Battery is a very important factor for a smartwatch. In this busy life, users don’t have enough time to charge their smartphone so how they manage to charge a smartwatch.

So check this before buying the smartwatch that the battery backup and how many days it can run with a single complete charge.

Well, most of the smartwatch promises to run for a 2-3 days but companies like Pebble, Fitbit claims that there smartwatch can last long for 7-10 days because of the E-Paper display.

Last But Not the Least Price

This is one thing which can decide your smartwatch, I know not all the users can buy Apple smartwatch so they need an alternative to that.

There are brands like Fitbit, Nokia, Xiaomi who are offering the smartwatch under $100, which is really cheap and works well with the both Android and iPhone.

It’s not like that you can spend more if you have but always keep that in mind that is it worth to spend on a smartwatch.

Well, That’s all from our side, well if you have any query then leave us a comment and share it with others as well so they will also let to know things what they need to know before buying a smartwatch.

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