How to Find Friends On Facebook by Location (step by step)

Find Friends On Facebook by City

The Internet has transformed our planet into a global village. It has made our lives so easy. We have tech-devices like desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones which are always ready to help us like that Genie in the magical lamp, from the old story of Aladdin.

The Internet has kept ready and connected us to various things of our interest in us a lot of things… food, clothes, work, entertainment, people…People? Yes, people too. That is what we call nowadays as social networking.

Talking about people and moving to our topic, Facebook is the biggest social media network in today’s world. You can find people whom you know and whom you don’t know but want to know on Facebook. If so, what if you are looking for people you know from a specific city. Assume that you are moving to a new city and want some help there.

How to Find Friends On Facebook by City or Location

Find Friends on Facebook by Location
Find Friends On Facebook by Location

So, you want to know if you can find some of your friends who already live in the city. Assume another situation in which you are going to visit the city you have spent your childhood. You want to find which of your old friends still are there. Any other situation might be there. Now, you want to find friends by city on Facebook. Let’s see how it can be done.

Note: You can find a person living in a city only if the person has openly made his or her city information public on Facebook. Luckily, most people do so.

What should you do To find friends on Facebook?

Step 1:

It is not impossible though to find a person without actually using Facebook. A search engine will put forth the relevant results whatever info you will give it for searching. But it is not so effective and reliable. So, the first step you have to take is to log in to your Facebook account.

Step 2:

There is a search bar at the top left side of the page. You have to enter the name in the box.

Step 3:

After typing the desired name, you can see different options available to you there. There are Posts, Photos, People, Videos, Marketplace, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps, Events, etc. These are the filters that a user can use to limit the search results. You have to choose the ‘People’.

Step 4:

After clicking on the ‘People’ tab, the next step to take is to go to the other filter. You can see Filter Results on the left side. The uppermost filter named CITY is to be selected.

Step 5:

Then you have to take the ‘Choose a City’ option. With it, you can type in a City, from which you wish to find your friends. A drop-down menu of the Smart Search option is helpful here. You can choose a particular city with it.

Step 6:

The last step is to just click over the particular person or persons whom you were searching for. The filters in the Facebook search will narrow your search. You will see limited results. Thus, in the end, you can get to the person or persons whom you wanted to find using this easy-to-follow method.

Wanna use Facebook for the phone?

Very few things will change if you will use the mobile app of Facebook. In the app, when you have logged in, you will find the same search bar on the upper side. You have to enter the name of the person and tap on ‘See results for (the name you have a type)’. You have to tap ‘People’ from the filters you see there.

This will filter the results. Then tapping on ‘City’ which you will find at the top and entering the name of the city will bring forth smart suggestions. Finally, you can easily find the person with the desired location from the shortlist displayed.

Wrap Up

Searching friends by city on Facebook is not so difficult task. Facebook’s smart features are immensely helpful in accomplishing the task. You can change the name, use a nickname, last name, or give some more info for effective searching. It will also save you time. Proper use of the filters provided by Facebook and entering the right keywords are the two things that matter most!!

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