Fifa 15 Reviews – Everything about Fifa 15 you need to know

FIFA 15 was created by EA Canada and it was published by EA Sports.

The discharging dates are NA: 23 September 2014, EU: 25 September 2014, and the UK: 26 September 2014.

This is a Sports amusement and it has two modes single mode and multiplayer me. On the off chance that you like Sports recreations, you will clearly like FIFA 15.

You may likewise like FIFA 14 Free Download PC Free Full Version. Another great Football Game from EA is Madden, although people are still waiting to see the Madden for PC arrive soon.

Apart from this, the Games Madden and Fifa are at some clashes at times.

The reason is the similarity, that is Football. Although Fifa is much more famous, as the whole world follows it, while Madden is just a Tournament in the USA, Madden is one lovable game.
Fifa 15 reviews

FIFA 15 Gameplay:

FIFA 15 has passionate knowledge, stunning graphical, and visual impacts. Smooth designs and simple controls made this diversion more charming.

The players look practical while playing the amusement. In this way, prepare to relax on your PC or workstation.

Since you will unquestionably feel the energy of football matches while playing this amusement. You can play with your companions by utilizing amusement controllers.

Also, be it the graphics, the new characters, the great storyline or the smooth nature of the Game, if you love Football, and Fifa in real life, you will surely love this game as well.

Fifa 15 Trailer:-

So, this was the Fifa 2015 Gameplay Trailer. How do you like it? Well, I know it was pretty much lit.

EA Sports has always been creating games as exciting as this one for so long.

Fifa 15 System Requirements:

Now if you want to Play Fifa 15 on your PC, you need to know if your PC is compatible to run the game. And to check if that is true, read below.

System Requirements:-

  • CPU: Intel Q6600 Core2 Quad @ 2.4Ghz (or AMD Phenom 7950 Quad-Core, AMD Athlon II
  • X4 620 equivalent)
  • CPU Speed: Info
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • OS: Windows V/7/8/8.1 – 64-Bit
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 5770, NVIDIA GTX 650
  • Free Disk Space: 13 GB

Suggested System Specs:-

  • CPU: Intel i5-2550K @ 3.40GHz (or AMD FX-6350 Six-Core equivalent)
  • Free Disk Space: 13 GB
  • CPU Speed: Info
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • OS: Windows V/7/8/8.1 – 64-Bit
  • Video Card: ATI Radeon HD 6870, NVIDIA GTX 460

Read below for the Fifa 15 Reviews.

Fifa 15 Reviews:-

Below here are some of the Fifa 15 Reviews. Read below to get a good idea about the Fifa 15 Reviews. This way you will be able to understand what people are talking about it.

  • If you don’t own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you can still enjoy FIFA 18 on PC as it’s 99,9% the same game.
  • On the pitch, it’s a real improvement over the usual strong FIFA package. Off the pitch, however, the innovations are missing.
  • An improvement in every area, including The Journey mode.
  • EA Canada gave their all to story mode. Even though there’s far less leeway for story writers in FIFA than in, say, an FPS game, they’ve managed to weave a compelling story that puts Battlefield to shame.
  • FIFA did not go on the revolution path of this year, it took a perfectly thoughtful evolution. Thanks to a few small innovations games are funnier, and no one can curse it for only pulling the money out of your pocket.
  • Fifa 18 is the best football game that we have seen in our life. Pes 2018 is a very good game but FIFA 18 is super. Career, you also can manage a lot of national teams, the journey, etc.
  • Yeah, I like, it is better than Fifa 16 (I don’t play 17). After the 1st update (3/10/20117), when goalkeepers, long-range shots, radar, and nets have been fixed, it is balanced – finally. The graphic is awesome, sound either. Defending is weird, but it is a habit. The online cooperative mode is fun. Maybe difficult is strange. But it is shame that commenting is still the same, year after year – but I can handle it.

So, here you see these were some of the Most Popular Fifa 15 Reviews. I hope you found these and this article useful, and if you did then share it with your Fifa Friends as well. Stay in touch with us for a lot more such content.

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