How to download YouTube videos on computer laptop

How to download YouTube videos on computer laptop

A few months ago Google introduced YouTube Go, a new application in beta phase with which you can download YouTube videos to your mobile.

However for users of desktop computers, the thing is not so simple, and you have to resort to some of the many third-party tools to download the videos.

This type of tools is usually of three types: web pages, browser extensions, and installable applications.

Today we are going to teach you to use an application of each of these three methods so that nothing prevents you from downloading and consuming your favorite videos offline.

How to download YouTube videos on computer laptop
How to download YouTube videos on a computer laptop

How to download YouTube videos on computer laptop

YouTube videos download Method one: browser extension

The first of the three methods is to use an extension for your browser. Specifically, we have chosen the popular ClipConverter web because it supports Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, is a cross-platform solution that you can use from any operating system.

Enter the extensions section of your website, and on the left side click on the browser icon that you usually use.

Each browser has its own extensions, but being the most used we will stick to Chrome.

First, you will have to install the Tampermonkey extension, as it will allow you to use your own scripts in the browser, which is precisely what ClipConverter has designed for Chrome. Then simply enter the extension page and click ‘Add to Chrome’.

Now, on the website of your Chrome addon, click on Download clipconverter.user.js. With Tampermonkey instaladom, the extension will recognize the Javascript scripts and will open a screen informing you about its characteristics. You just have to press Install and Tampermonkey will do the rest.

From now onwards, whenever you will enter a new YouTube video you will see three new options next to the rating buttons thumb up and down.

The options are to use ClipConverter to choose what to download, download the audio of the video in MP3 format or download the video itself in MP4.

All of them will take you to the official ClipConverter website with the video loaded, only if you click on the MP4 option on YouTube you will have everything preconfigured to download the video, and you only have to choose the quality you want to do it.

Once the quality is chosen, just click on Start, and the web will start downloading the video.

Download YouTube videos Method two: from a web

If you do not want to complicate life with extensions then you also have a lot of pages that will allow you to download YouTube videos.

Obviously, ClipConverter has one, but we are going to look for an alternative.

A good option is Peggo, which is designed to download clips of music from YouTube with videos as well. First, paste the URL of the video you’re looking at in your search bar.

Automatically the web will recognize it and it will take you to a page where you can download the music clip. Before touching anything, click on the Record Video button to go to video download mode.

The following is easy, use the bar to choose the minute and second from which your video will start and end.

Now choose your quality (next to each option will put you how much it occupies), and press Record MP4 to start the download.

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How to download youtube video Method 3: jDownloader

jDownloader is one of the most popular direct download tools that you can find, and if you have it installed on your Windows computer, GNU / Linux or macOS will also be useful for downloading videos from YouTube.

By default, when you copy the URL of a YouTube video when you have an active jDownloader, the program will load it automatically.

But in case if you have this type of load disabled, go to the tab Capturadores de Enlaces, right-click, and in the options that are displayed click Add Links.

In the popup window paste the URL of the video in the hollow that there is with the icon of the magnifying glass, and without touching anything else click on Continue.

By default, loading a YouTube video jDownloader will load the video, audio and cover image.

But the folder that you have created can be displayed so that each one of these files appears, and if you only want to download the video, click on it and choose the Add and Start Downloads option.

Done, jDownloader will download the file to the folder you have configured for your downloads.

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