How to download Instagram Photos to PC

Download photos From Instagram

Every social media lover knows about Instagram. It is one of the biggest platforms to share photos and videos online. Instagram is owned by Facebook. Instagram, since its launching, has been gaining popularity and in 2018, has crossed 1 billion active users mark.

Instagram allows users to upload photographs and short videos, follow their friends’ feeds, tag images with the name of a location. A user can include up to 10 pictures in a single post.

If you already have an account on Instagram, you might know how fascinating and addictive this social network site is. But you are here, reading this article, means that you are one of those thousands of people who love using Instagram, enjoy the photos uploaded but don’t know how to get them to your PC.

You need not think much about how to download Instagram photos to PC. Because here we are presenting you with the solution to your problem.

How to download Instagram Image on PC 2020

Download Instagram Photos to PC


How to download Instagram Photos on PC

There are several ways to download images and videos to your PC. There are some simpler than others, we will tell you all. We consider that there are two main reasons why you want to download photos from Instagram, at least they are the two moments in which I download the photos:

  • I have several friends without Instagram and I want to share my photos with them.
  • Incredible but true: they do not have an account on the social network.
  • So, after uploading a photo and applying a filter, I download the photo from Instagram to my mobile and share it with WhatsApp and other messaging.
  • I want to share in a WhatsApp chat the photo from another Instagram account.

How to save Instagram Photos on PC

At this point, we will explain how to download Instagram photos from a computer through online tools. With this, we download directly from the manufacturer’s page for greater security. However, there are two other ways to download these photos manually. In the following post you will discover how to do it:

  1. We enter the official page of the tool called DownloadGram
  2. We open a tab in the same browser with the Instagram Web. We enter our access data to the platform.
  3. Once in the profile, we look for the photo that we want to download. When locating it we click on it and copy the URL of the image.
  4. On the DownloadGram page, we paste the URL of the photo on Instagram and click Download.
  5. When loading the image we must click Download Image.
  6. When doing so the photo will be downloaded to your download folder from where we can access it without a problem.

This is an automated way, so to speak, of how to download Instagram photos on PC. However, from the computer, there are two manual ways to obtain an image from this social network. Learn how to do it easily:

  1. We enter the Instagram Web from any viewer
  2. We look for the profile of the user who has the photo we want to download. The search must be done in the initial view where the images are shown in grid form
  3. We manually search for the image and right-click on it. The menu that is displayed selects the Open link option in a new tab.
  4. When doing so, we go to the URL and at the end of the link add the following command: / media /? Size = l
  5. This translates the photo into a fully downloadable format from the viewer. We just have to right-click on the image and select the option Save image as.

For those who work with the computer and like to do everything from the desktop, this is an excellent solution to use sites that allow downloads within Instagram. The fastest, most intuitive and least publicized test we’ve tested here is Instawload!

With it, all you have to do is paste the link of the post you want to download. This link can be from a photo, an album, a video, a video album … Anything!

After copying the link, simply click Download to download the media to your computer. When downloading videos, click the three-dot menu that appears in the lower right corner, and then select Download.

The good thing is that, on this site, you can also download stories! Just copy the link from the profile stories. Installed will open a box with all the stories available to choose from:

A great way to download Stories from Instagram is also from Postgrain. The process is super simple: find the profile by direct messages and then click on the Account Stories ball. All available stories will appear. Choose the one you want and click on the download symbol:

To download IGTV videos, you will need to use another website, SaveIGTV. Here the process is the same: copy the link of the video you want to download, paste it on the site and then click on the three points to download it.

Let’s sum it up!

As you can see, downloading Instagram photos from your own account or those of your contacts is very easy and, in addition, you have plenty of methods to put your hands to work right now. Some of which we have described above in this article. We hope these will be of some help. But don’t forget an important thing.

Take care of copyright issues

The technologies that come to help us almost always have a counterpart. In this case, you should be careful not to violate Instagram Guide.

So whenever you need to use the content other than yours, ask the author who produced it and always give credit. That way, nobody hurts anyone and Instagram will not prevent you from doing anything online.

Once you understand this, you should be able to download Instagram photos to PC or depending on whether you prefer to do it from your smartphone.

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