Create Gmail Account without Phone Number

How to Bypass Gmail Phone Verification

Yes, it is possible to bypass the Gmail phone verification. You might be afraid of possible hacking threat or might just don’t wanna share your phone number with Google for privacy reasons. The reason for not wanting to share the phone number might be different than these but if you are stuck in the Google Verification process the methods mentioned below are a way out for you.

Sign in Gmail without Phone Verification

Create Gmail Account without Phone Number

What is Gmail Phone Verification?

Usually, Smart devices are totally offering functions and features on the basis of signed up on a Google account. You must have a Gmail account in order to avail of the benefits of services like the Application store. Creating a Gmail account is not an issue.

But you and maybe millions more just pause and think twice about providing phone number details with other details like Name, DOB, etc. which you need to provide while signing up for an account. Previously, it was optional to provide the phone number but now Google has made it mandatory.

A user might face the problem of logging in again after he has done the factory reset on his phone. Sometimes a user might have stopped using the old number he has associated with his Gmail account. When starting to use a new phone and not having the old phone number, too, the problem can come before a user.

Google always takes care of security for user accounts. Email verification is a process by Google to verify whether the original user is going to access the Gmail account or not. A security code is sent to the registered mobile phone number and is to be entered by the user in order to confirm his identity while logging in.

Method I :

This is a simple method that will show you how to bypass Gmail phone verification.

A user has to go to Apps in the Android device. Settings option is to be selected there.

After going down, an option called Accounts Option will be seen. The user’s Saved Accounts will be seen there. The user has to select Google from the list shown.

This will take the user to Sign Up page for Google where he has to provide his details like name and date of birth.

On the next page, the user will be asked to type an email address as per his wish with a strong password.

Gmail phone verification will be asked on the next page displayed. Note that, it will appear with a Skip button.

By tapping on the Skip button, a user can proceed to the next page.

If the user instead tapped More options button beside the Skip button, he can enter his phone number if he wishes to do so or select No, don’t add my phone number and go further.

After a quick review, confirmations and accepting the Terms and Service, the user is done with the account creating process.

Thus, to hit the Skip button is the only thing a user has to do to verify Google account without a phone.

Method II :

Entering user’s age below 15

This method is beneficial only after the user has logged out of his all other Gmail accounts. If he doesn’t, Google may consider and use the same date of birth from the user’s old account or accounts.

As a user will enter his date of birth as to appear his age below 15, he will be considered young and not having his own mobile phone by Google.

The user has to just check while entering his date of birth that his age in the year he is creating the account will come up as below 15. After providing such a date of birth, the user has to leave the box for the mobile phone empty and enter other details. Once, he agrees to terms and conditions, the user is done with creating a new Gmail account.

The user may need to update his age after a few years. Google may ask for a phone number after the user completes 18 years of age. But until then Google terms and conditions may change as we have seen them changing a few times in the past.

Note: Using the same phone number for different Gmail accounts

A user can use his real phone number multiple times for different accounts.

To sum up :

The reason for asking phone numbers by Gmail while creating an account is secure. If an account gets hacked or the user forgets his Gmail account password, it is the phone number that comes to rescue. Google also uses the phone numbers of users to notify them if it observes any suspicious activities on their accounts.

So, now we know that the phone number adds the security measures for safely running the Gmail account. Still, for privacy purposes or any other, if you don’t want to share your phone number with Google, be sure to remember your password and take good care of the safety of your Gmail account.

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