200+ Best Comment On Girl Pic to Impress Her on Instagram & FB

Comment on girls pic

Social networking site is most favorite place, Where everyone try to share beautiful pic, Instagram and Facebook is the best social networking platform, which are always crowdy by active members.

Girls always sharing there beautiful pic on Facebook and Instagram to become a “Selfie queen”, Means one kind of race whole day going on Instagram and Facebook about sharing photos.

Beautiful photo deserve appreciation also from friends and family, Such nice and attractive comment here you are going to read on girl pic, which have been given on social networking sites.

Comment on girls pic

Awesome & seductive comment on girl pic

Classy shot and awesome background too, Amazing look!

This looks so beautiful on you, Really awesome!

Grand shoot, Speechless!

Can’t scroll, My eyes just stopped over you!

“Oh, This girl is only mine!, wish it could be possible ?”

You are stunning! I love the way you have!

You are sweetest, among all your friends!

“Your beauty is irresistible !and lips are Soft like rose petals ”

“Just ‘Wow’ for your natural beauty, Nothing artificial like there!”

“Hello dear so nice looking you! I wish a one cup coffee with you!”

“You look mesmerizing, No other words i have more than this!”

Damn. Those eyes are like pearls!

Some girls eyes are really beautiful and attractive, After eyes makeup that eyes looks more beautiful , When such girl sharing there pic on Facebook or Instagram ,then surely they are getting comment like as , “Damn. Those eyes are like pearls!”

I think its booty-full , Really seductive!

Some girls have a strong physical appearance as well as their body shape is so attractive by all the way, When such girls posting their beautiful pic on Instagram or Facebook, then surely they are getting compliment by friends like as ,”I think its booty-full!”

You look super cute!

When girls posting their beautiful selfie pic on social networking site, with different kinds of amazing background as well as costume, then they are getting compliment from friends as well as family members in pic comment box like as ,” You look super cute!”

Hello sunshine!

When girls are going to click selfie pic at the early morning time in the garden or in the balcony where delicate sun light covers their body and such pic when they are sharing on social media sites then friends comment can be like as,” Hello sunshine!”

Some unique and creative comments on Girl pic.

1. “Damn girl just flawless, My best wishes forever with you!”

2. “Inside out you are beautiful! Really appreciated”

3. “Simply iconic, I’m in love! From my soul!”

4. you are a whisper of perfection.

5. “You are beautiful and enthusiastic! So much appreciable personality”

6. ” I love your curves! Just gazing towards them!”

7. “OMG! You Fireee… Burning here too!”

8. You always perfect in every dress….Beauty of cutiee!

9. wow wow wow Damn pretty, As usual!

10. Sexy is not a shape its an attitude , It means a lot!

11. Your photo is so stylish, Really like it!

12. “That’s hot enough to beat the winters!”

13. Always you rocking with your cuteness, I am the biggest fan of that.

14. Superb pls b ready to meet us, We are so excited.

15. Done kill people by that look, I am the one among them.

16. “Damn gorgeous My Queen, You made sensation into my heart!”

17. I love your curly hair, I would love to play with them!

18. You are classy

19. Such a gorgeous capture babe! Really love it.

20. This is called a perfect shot, Really appreciable and wonderful!

Friends are always ready to pull legs and create jokes on social networking pic, When its girl pic then not only girls ,but also many boys tries to give their opinion in pic comment box.

They may be classmates or old friends, or can be other activity companion, everyone try to express their over view about pic.

Some boys are always try to impress a girl on social networking site, so for that they choose simple way like as they are giving nice compliment on girl pic as well showing cool attitude in comment box.

Everyone has own intention about to comment on pic, but simply its just way to express there opinion, Nothing more than that.

Comments On Girl Pic To Impress Her

1. Impressive picture, Spreading craze into everyone’s.
2. I wish i could like this twice , Then also it will be less.
3. Your beauty has no boundries, somewhere like infinite.
4. Damn in love with your dress, Its perfect over you!
5. Vibes everywhere, Here too!
6. You made my day, Wish it will be everyday!
7. The most stunning thing i have seen today , really wonderful!

Funny Comments On Girl Pic

1.Damn the cheeks, speechless!

2. Nice make up, with nice idea!

3. Hello Miss World!

4. Hello Miss Universe!

5. Hey you brainless cutie, Just Grow up!

6.hehe Cute Monkey, Need some sweet fruit huhh!

7. All about photo editor effect, hehe Nothing more than that!

8. Hello idiot! Getting beauty day by day

9. You are too short, Just like your brain! hehe

10. You are my precious fool, No doubt!

11. Beauty with empty mind, Hehe!

12. Your eyes like stars, But only on night time! Hehe

One Word Comments on Girl Pic & little girl

1. Lit!
2. Mine
3. Dazzling!
4. Priceless
5. Charming
6. Queen
7. Mind-Blowing
8. Lovely
9. Energetic
10. Pretty
11. Wonderful
12. Impressive
13. Speechless

Best Comments On Girl Pic

1. I will always have your back
2. I miss your smile, wish i could get that soon!
3. I love talking to you, wish i could hear you every time!
4. All time favorite, Just waiting to see your pic every time!
5. You are a gem, Lucky gem for me!
6. You are a graceful
7. You are pleasing
8. Cutie pie, Love your cuteness!
9. Incredibly attractive, you worth a lot!
10. Your picture is really awesome!

Some Other General and cool comments On Girl Pic

1. The only beauty in the world, I never seen other like before!
2. Amazing pose, Even “Mona Lisa” will get jealous of you!
3. I love every inch of you- Even your toes!
4. Its my pleasure to see such a beauty!
5. How are you always perfect? Its surprise for me.
6. You have got a sexy personality!
7. Just divinely gorgeous!
8. Please stop looking so hot every time.
9. Such a dreamy shot!
10. I love making you laugh!
11. I get excited every time I see you
12. True beauty comes from within, its true fact!
13. I could kiss you forever, Wish it will be so soon!
14. Cutest girl on planet, Forever!
15. You have all my respect, From the bottom of my heart!
16. Glowing through babe , As usual!
17. People grow old, she grows beautiful , Its happening every second.
18. You are such a darling , Really love you!

Different comments are enough to get know, How much your friends love and care about you, as well as how much you are important into their life.

In fact we cant judge anyone by their comments, Because everyone companionship is individual as well limited for them. Its only way of representation.

Hope you like all this comments as well as you will try to use them, whenever you need to give comment on your friend pic. If you like this comments, then you can share this article with your friends and family members too.

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