Bonk Be Live Review: The Social Broadcasting App Tailored for Generation Z

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Bonk Be Live is the recent hits when it comes to the app world. The app has gained enormous popularity and has reached to the top in the live streaming industry when compared to other apps of its type.

Almost 26 Silicon Valley startups have acclaimed this app to be the next game changer. It is backed by a great unit of programmers and developers who are working hard to make this app a grand success. Let us know more about this app.

Bonk Be Live App – All you Need to Know


Bonk Be Live is a social broadcasting app which has created a hum in the live broadcasting industry. The users can now stream themselves and connect with the new people around the globe.

The broadcasters can also generate some good money by running ads between the streams. Not only this, but the users can also exchange the virtual 2D/3D gifts and access the augmented reality features.

What makes this app unique is its advertising model which is a bit different from traditional advertising models.

The conventional advertising models are really expensive and yield fewer conversions. But, the unique advertising model is cheaper and have the ability to give a better conversion rate. It creates call-to-action for the viewers watching the stream thereby resulting in better conversion.

How Bonk Be Live Functions?


You should install the Bonk Be Live app on your device from the app store and proceed with the installation process. Once it has been installed, you can follow the below mentioned steps.

  • Open the app to register. You can register using your Facebook, Twitter, G+ account or your email id.

  • After signing in, you can proceed with the instructions. Either continue further by tapping on the ‘Next’ button or choose to skip by tapping on ‘Skip’ option.

  • Once you are done with reading the instructions, you will be taken to the main dashboard. You can find four different tabs – ‘Follow’, ‘Live’, ‘New’, and ‘Nearby’.


  • You can follow the people suggested under ‘Follow’ section, watch live broadcasters under the ‘Live’ tab, find new broadcasters under the ‘New’ tab, and the ‘Nearby’ tab lets you find the broadcasters who are streaming near you. The user can also filter the gender in the ‘Nearby’ tab.

  • You can tap on the profile of the broadcaster, whom you want to see live.


  • Once the broadcast is loaded, you can send messages, have a chat, send virtual gifts, and continue watching the broadcast as long as it runs. Make sure that no sexually implicit content is transferred by you. Such content is not tolerated and a complaint against your profile may lead to permanent ban.

  • You can change easily switch between different broadcast by swiping up and down.


  • The ‘Inbox’ option lets you find the messages sent by other Bonk Be Live users. You can read those messages and connect with the user if you feel like connecting with them.


  • ‘Bonk Be Live notifications’ aware you about the latest updates and happenings in your network. You can get notifications from your followers and people you are connected with.


How to Go Live with Bonk Be Live App?

You can start interacting with new people on the app interface by going live and becoming a broadcaster.

  • Tap the blue-colored button in the center.

  • Now, you will be asked to enter the details like ‘Your Live’s Title, Country Name, and the category you will be broadcasting in.


  • Fill in all the details.


  • Once you are done, tap ‘Go Live’ button.

  • Your broadcast will start in just 3 seconds.


  • Once the broadcast has started, you can exchange messages with the audience and be the part of the interaction. You can even receive virtual gifts from your audience if you really entertain them well.

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  • The stream can be closed anytime by tapping ‘x’ button at the top-right corner.


  • Once the broadcast has ended, you will get to know the details about the views, coins, diamonds, broadcast time, and a few others.

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Over to You

Bonk Be Live is a ground-breaking app that helps a common man to be the next social media sensation. The app is powered with augmented and virtual reality features making it a powerful social media broadcasting app. Try it now!

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