BitRaser File Eraser: A Comprehensive Overview

BitRaser File Eraser: A Comprehensive Overview

Your personal computer is the hub of all your personal and sensitive data that should not fall into the wrong hands. Suppose you are sharing your PC for some work, leaving it at the repair centre or using the internet without deleting your history or any sensitive information.

In that case, you are putting yourself at great risk. Often people even forget to delete the data from their PC while they are going to sell them. You can be a victim of data theft that can lead to financial losses, embarrassing situations and even blackmailing. So it’s better to keep all this trouble at bay by using an application that can delete your personal data along with web history before you handover your PC to someone. One such application BitRaser file Eraser that will clean up your PC so well as if nothing ever existed on it.


The software comes up with a 30 day trial period that is absolutely free, and if you find it efficient enough, you can always buy the software.

Why Do You Need a BitRaser File Eraser?

The software will help you erase everything from your windows PC and even storage drives. Photos, critical tax-related files, personal identity documents and videos can be cleaned up with great ease. Along with this, you can erase your browsing history from all the major web browser applications such as Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla etc.

Your PC might contain details about your online banking transactions and necessary login ids with passwords that need to be removed efficiently.

Always remember that your personal information can be used against you in a variety of ways and can put you into serious trouble. It’s always advisable to keep your data safe and secured.

Some Additional Features of Bitraser File Eraser

Removes Application Traces: When you use applications such as Instant messengers, New app and Peer to Peer app, they can leave traces of different kinds of personal information, leaving you vulnerable to online leakage. You might not be able to remove all the app traces manually completely, so it’s better to use dedicated software for it. BitRaser File Eraser is the thing that you need to clean up all the app traces.

Erasing Unused Storage Space

When you delete a certain file from storage, they can still be recovered with the help of data recovery softwares. BitRaser File Eraser will wipe out the unused storage space in your PC, making it impossible to retrieve any data. This feature will make sure that you don’t fall victim to data theft even if you feel that you are safe after deleting your files.

Removing System Traces

With constant use of your PC, it accumulates temporary files known as system traces. When a system traces are accumulated in a large amount, then it affects the overall speed and performance of the system. BitRaser File Eraser keeps track of such accumulations and removes them on a continuous basis to keep the system healthy.

Overall the software is highly useful for protecting both personal and professional data that can give you nightmares if it falls into the wrong hands.

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